In Interest of Science – –

Not sure what is going on, but posted the following at Facebook…

Yes, I got drug kicking and screaming back to facebook over a year ago to support my customers – -get over it and it might just be easier for you if you know how often I leave long arse replies/etc., at Facebook – – LOL

I will, as nearly simultaneously as possible, post here and at WordPress at the same time, the same Post (cept, it will read “at Facebook and here” on the WordPress blog – -the following post –

“hmmm – one browser window – two social connections open at one time – nothing updating right or notifying me of changes, comments, etc….- – my old Windows 7 platform I’m loath to let go of, OR simply a coincidence caused by Friday night updates for others and not to worry? Enquiring minds would like to easily know – – LOL

You are free to say so, cuz yes, I know why I do what I do for a living – but wish so much I didn’t have to deal with computers or online to get it accomplished -really – – LOL

4 thoughts on “In Interest of Science – –”

    1. Truly, LOLd at that – – My favorite?
      “A Grand Merger was announced today of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook – the new company, scheduled to go public next quarter will be named, “YouTwitFace”


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