When You See My House…You See Me!

Since I’m trying like heck to squeeze in time to start blogging regularly again AND since a Facebook post from a dear  friend had me trying to blog in a Facebook reply (For Shame!), dutifully logged into WordPress to reply in the proper arena…

(Yes, I had to log in for customer work – yes, I’m catching up on Notification list there – willing to have WP on my smarter-than-me phone, FB?  Not so willing…)

Top Things my Home tells you About Me:

“Bet her kids are happy! Look! they can just drop their stuff where it’s handy!”

“She has an over the door shoe holder, she only has 5 pairs of shoes – why are they scattered throughout the house? Oh…can’t wait to get barefoot quick enough, I guess….”

“Bet her dog is happy! Obviously she’s allowed to play ball in the house – look at the straight track from doggie door, through the kitchen into the living room with room to do a barrel racer turn and shoot like an arrow out the doggie door again! You can tell from the trail of mulch left behind – so obviously, Oakley is allowed to lay in garden beds, too…”

“Does she work all the time or is she just messy? – look at the wall above her desk – – Notes about ideas to promote – string connections for cross-promotion between local business and non-profits – Note to change all passwords tonight.  Look at the stack of client files around her desk and in her priority bin – How does anyone keep track of that many sticky notes and mini-legal pads? See the entire shelf of How-To’s for marketing, promoting, learning software, learning coding….”

Check out the bookshelves – arranged by topic:

Gardening, Plants, Herbs

Cookbooks, Food Preservation

Home improvement, woodwork, solar DIY, Embroidery, Crochet, Quilting, Soapmaking, Weaving, Mother Earth News magazines….

Healing, Nutrition, Herbs, Essential Oils, Meditation, Emotional, Neurological

Fun Factoids, Trivia, History

Widsom of the ages, Abraham Lincoln, Howard Zinn, Robert Fulghum, David R. Hawkins, Shakespeare, Best Loved Poems of the American People, Encyclopedia of Archaeology, 500 Nations…

For Fun – Jean M. Auel, John Grisham, Ellis Peters, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Nora Roberts, Margaret Mitchell, Ayn Rand, Victoria Holt, Lavyrle Spencer….

“Bet her local water board is happy…look at the water-efficient washer, toilet and no dishwasher –  See the drip irrigation supplies on the front porch?  See the roof soffits that deliver water straight to her garden beds? –  see the water bill tacked on the corkboard?  Used less than 1/2 her allotted amount this month…”

“Hmm….electric company and propane company maybe not so much… check out all the energy saving lightbulbs, ye olde wall furnace that heats whole house – induction plate and crockpots – no microwave – energy efficient appliances…recent insulation activities…..”

“Look at all the food stores!  Dehydrated foods order on counter, waiting to be put away – Do-It-Yourself Prep and Store and a 1958 Farm Wife’s Bible on the utility wrack on the far kitchen wall.  Why only 6 of each of: glasses, plates, saucers, bowls?  What’s up with that?  And what’s in the 5 gallon food storage buckets by the wall?”

“Hmm, bathroom strange – not even one electrical outlet?  That explains why her hair is always in a braid or clip – Oh! maybe that’s why the blow dryer was laying on the cabinet in the kitchen next to the washer – only 4 towels, 4 hand towels, 8 washcloths?  Nice quality, but why so few?  guess she washes often…”

“Look at the closet!  Totes of craft supplies, material to make the ultimate window energy shades  and… where’s all her clothes?  This can’t be it!  Can it?….”

What Friends will Tell You About My House:

She may not have vacuumed, dusted or scrubbed her kitchen floor lately, but if you stop by after a horrific day at work, she always has a glass of red wine, a lavender oil infused cloth for your head OR she’ll lightly massage lavender oil on your temples and listen while you work through how to deal with the world you just escaped from the moment you stepped through her door… or she may just crank the tunes and get you to sing and dance off the stress…

She may be a hermit and cancel traveling to your house at the last minute, cuz some work emergency came up, or she got sick, but she’s always happy if you stop by, as long as you give her at least 5 minutes to make sure she doesn’t answer the door in her bunny slippers – –

You might occasionally share your visit with a passel of teens and you’ll get to hear how teens look at the world, cuz she wants to know their viewpoint on the whole thing –

You might have to old that thought when her phone rings and she recognizes a customer’s call – sure, it’s 9:30 at night or 4pm on a Saturday, but she can’t let it go to voice mail… (she’s learned her limits, so instead of going against her nature, she’s just getting better at who to pick for customers! 🙂

You may have to listen to her latest research project, but bet your boots, she’ll manage to also tell you how such-and-such affects your life and why it’s in your self interest to care about it –

In return, she’ll listen to your tale of woe, ask if she needs to go kick some arse or give you ideas about how to accomplish your dream.

She’ll make sure you go home with some bounty, if you accept – tomatoes from the garden, some fresh basil, a recipe for deep bone broth, a jar of snowy white, lovingly crafted lard, some dried apple rings, a few pounds of pasture-fed beef, so you can experience the difference and start buying yours straight from the rancher she does, too….

She always has extra stuff if you’re snowed in and need to find a place to crash – food, jammies, blankets, pillows, books, favorite movies or interesting documentaries –

What Those Who Are Not Friends Will Tell You

She is a miser – she claims she doesn’t keep a lot of dishes, washcloths, linens or cloths on hand, because it forces her to do housework before the ‘pile of dirty’ is too high – but we think she’s just wasting her money on other things.

She is lazy – she has all these supplies but look at her yard?  Sure, once in awhile, she gets an area done, but overall, still a train wreck….

She claims to work all the time – her desk is such a mess, we think she’s just disorganized….

If she really cared about people, she’d make sure her house was clean so they could just drop in whenever they felt like it… and why is not traumatizing her rescue dog more important than I am?

Yes, her son is nice and polite, but I tell you, he will go bad – look, she lets him play video games, he has a pellet gun, his room is a cluttered mess – sure, he jumps in and does whatever she asks, he laughs and jokes and tells her about his day, but mark the words I’ve been saying for years now, he’ll turn out bad….someday….it will happen….Just wait – I’ve been telling her for years how bad of a parent she is…


Welcome to My Home!

If you have a sense of efficiency, like the idea of putting in fail safes for less-than-optimized tendencies, are interested in an oasis where you can be yourself as long I can be me, where children and animals are protected, allowed to be themselves, all while knowing there are just a few rules that must always be followed and guaranteed someone else has their back against the world – well, then,

C’mon on in, settle down and tell me about your day, dream, passion – I’m all ears…


5 thoughts on “When You See My House…You See Me!”

    1. Tric – Really? Even when I clicked over to your blog feed, in my ‘overload state’ and scanned the titles/post beginnings and thought, “OMG! Here’s a person I like and feel at home with, even though I’ve been the MIA person for so very long! You are too kind and you are welcome to drop by – we’ll have tea or something stronger as we walk through the place and I’ll listen and get to hear about you and your journey, instead of feeling guilty, cuz I haven’t read it – – 🙂


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