In the News Today….

Fair Warning – I’m on a rant – cuz I just am….

After logging in to Facebook, to establish communication flow & information that may not be available via any other of the ways I prefer, I can’t help myself – while scanning the ‘headlines’ (and I’m not even on Latest tab – I choose “Most Recent” which is a double smoke blind – I think – still trying to troubleshoot and see what’s what….)

Here’s what I would say, if I depended upon my Facebook scanning to give me the news of the world:

  • Corpus Christi area receiving massive flooding
    • Comment – Get used to it in coastal areas, unless you wish to believe global warming and polar ice melt are myths made up by politicians -You may argue all you wish, but Mother Earth has cycles and we humans have managed to populate prolificly enough we might just be adding to the natural cycle of things – 4.5 billion years of nature’s cycles + human clumsy attempts to correctly interrupt age old data + arrogance – I’m hedging my bets and it is all notated here, just in case I am right – Perhaps cyber posts will still be archived/available 500 years from now for review, when realization and data is available – Hopefully, I won’t be under house arrest till I die for refusing to give up on the notion that the Earth revolves around the sun – like some folks endured – but hey!  500 years later, and I, may, too, be forgiven by the powers that be for all the awful things they did when they just couldn’t bear that I might be right and not a hard-arse who must be destroyed cuz my take on reality didn’t mesh with their version – stranger things have happened – 🙂
  • USA’s oldest polar bear, Klondike, euthanized at (age) 34 in the Philadelphia Zoo –
    • If only we gave the same kindness to humans – no, not age wise, silly, but the option to choose quality of life over quantity. Alas, insurance companies and laws have found a way to build in their profit margin AND put in fail safes against basic human nature, and all systems still in force – So sadly, for you and me, we are stuck grinding it out to the very end… whether we are productive members of society or not – whether we bring joy to others by simply existing for one more day or not – Or,  at very least, we must hang in there until official sanctioned Hospice workers say it’s okay for us to let ‘the loved one have whatever they want – won’t change anything” – and are assured loving family members won’t go to jail for speeding our journey along by giving us what we really want, but are afraid to ask for,- I figure it’s a safer bet to wait for Bears to read and understand their fate and options, long before human nature and capitalistic systems change for the better, but hey, that’s just me…. I could be wrong…but if you ain’t listed as a beneficiary and you have my comfort/best interests at heart, I give you free leave to let me overdose on painkillers – (I may regret this statement, someday, but I won’t be around to say so….)
  • Finding the ‘perfect Christmas Holiday gift” is already on the charts and may be stressing some folks out – –
    • My advice? Gift what that special someone uses regularly, consumes, spends money on all year long – not the fancy, expensive thing they either waited to buy, until they KNEW they really wanted it (unless they say they wanted it 2 days before the holiday and finally made up their minds  – yup, another story, but will have to outlast the mortal life of loved ones to tell you about it….), or KNEW they wanted it and already bought it for themselves back when you were doing your Holiday Shopping lists and waiting for the sales frenzy to begin – I learned this lesson the year Tickle Me Elmo came out – needless to say, ain’t falling for that one again –  Toilet paper, alcohol and soft, new, socks are always safe bets for adults – it will be used, re-gifted or thrown away without remorse – cuz seriously, who gifts undergarments and thinks it a good gift?
    • Kiddos?   Educate them – teach them long before the season rolls around to think about what they really need, what they really want – etc.   By the time they are teen-agers, they’ll be trained and when they don’t know, they’ll say, “Cash in a card always works” and you just saved money in time and pricey, cool, gift wrap expenses – seriously, no one wraps a card to put under the tree – –
  • I learned today what Crockey is – and awaiting my cousin’s reply to see if my questions/observations are blasephmous or acceptable as  a laugh,in the whole scheme of things…. may remember to keep you posted on that front… and I may not – haven’t got de-friended yet, but it always a strong possibility and why link to more bad memories that Google will remember long after family members have possibly forgotten what a jerk I was?
  • Was reminded of a harrowing day driving home from work, in the 1997 Colorado Blizzard – and wading out 2 days later to help shovel snow that came up to my thighs (I’m around 5’8″ tall) – – and starting over when driveway was open and…. then… road plow promptly blocked it, again, with their own plowing activity left-overs…. Posted my little story, cuz I also remember a blizzard that is still in debate for 1976/1977 – what the heck –
  • When I post sappy pics/missives about how much I love my dog, and value her presence in my life, people are responsive (it was late, I was stressed – she was woof-woofing trying to get me to ‘quit’ for the night and rest – I couldn’t resist posting about how wonderful she is, but figured I’d wait 3 days to log in and then delete the post, cuz, after all, I was being sappy – – surprise, surprise – seems one close (in person) friend, who is also on facebook has been waiting for my curmudgeon heart to melt enough to do such a thing and was kind in comment- – New approach, though doggie pictures are not going to wish away my curmudgeon comments on others’ posts…I’m thinking…
  • Maureen O’Hara passed away – first knew her from her part in the John Wayne movie, “The Quiet Man” – – sad, sad, sad – will get sappy elsewhere – but sad all the same – and yes, I cried when Princess Di and Liz Taylor left the  stage of life – wondered why we had to lose Heath Ledger so soon – and what happened to Mel Gibson along the way?  Still trying to figure some of those timelines/stories out –
  • Okay – I’m rather “Done” – some things interesting, but not earth shattering – some posts that make me itch to type a reply “Have you heard of or similar sites?”  I take my lumps and disagreements when I my posts rile others up – BUT I’m okay with it – –

I have never, ever, posted on my friend’s timeline, “gimme this, in this game, and I, too, can be the proud owner of a unicorn that farts rainbows and diamonds….”

And, after all, isn’t that what it’s really about?

P.S. No judgement involved – sharing my take – you can take it or leave it.

P.S.S. If you send me a game notification, I will block it – I don’t want to freely volunteer to the bureaucracy that I believe in unicorns…

3 thoughts on “In the News Today….”

  1. “Have you heard of …” Sheesh, I’m so with you on this. I think FB is a great case study in the gullibility of the human race. The things they’ll believe, that they’ll share, without questioning it, when the rest of the internet gives you the opportunity to confirm it within a matter of seconds. It is just stunning the things I see posted there. I have unfriended some people simply because I can no longer take seeing how stupid and gullible they are.

    And, there are several FB “friends” who keep sending me “invites” to play Candy Crush and other games. Isn’t there some point when they would realize that I simply am not. Although I sometimes wonder if they are actually sending me the invite or is it something controlled by FB or the game.

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