Sob… The Return of the Lazy Liker…maybe…

I vowed to take time tonight to get caught up on reading here in WP land – To NOT feel the need to write a short comment letting someone know I actually read their full post, instead of just skipping down through the reader list “Liking” – whether I read it or not – –

I failed miserably –

I had to stop and comment, on way more posts than I managed to show ‘get caught up on reading’ restraint and just “Likey-Like” at the click of a button…

Had to stop, to purchase a cool little Halloween special that was in the ‘doable on budget’ category and showed some love/support from one I have followed/chatted with for some time now (except for the last 4 months or so….have repeatedly confessed my sins, but there ya go, one more admission/confession to add to the pile….)

Stopped to add some items and re-order my list of ‘All I want for Christmas is My 2 front teeth…and this book…this year…yet again….seriously?  You can’t order via a website and use PayPal to protect yourself/your credit card info, when a personage has worked so hard to allow you to buy direct from them?   Really?”

I don’t think I even got to 1/2 of the folks I follow – for even 1, I SAY, ONE! recent post –


So there ya go – what happens when you’ve been away for too long – when you’re not culling your reading list to make sure it’s okay to ‘skip’ – when you spent some time on other Social Media for work stuff and, by this late hour, are rather cynical about the whole deal – can’t bear to ignore – can’t bear to like the sentiment, when you see inherent issues with the logic – etc., etc., etc….

I will never get caught up, ever, and not quite ready, just yet to ‘cut my’ reader list by harsh measures – or quit working so I can once again keep updated –

But I wonder – shall all of us, eventually evolve into such perfect posting gurus (here and elsewhere in cyber space…) that everyone just writes/posts and then doesn’t take the time to read?

Cuz lord knows, I’ve been guilty of such, these past few months – quick post “Yup, not dead, but man, so far behind…” and as you know, I still think it’s really important to say, “How will it all turn out if everyone does just what I’ve been doing?  Now, next week, next month…”?

Guess some adjustments are needed – so I may post with impunity and not be charged with being a lazy-liker, liar (no way you read that 2,500 word post 2.5 seconds after I published it, in order to ‘Like” it with informed intent….


Not going to spell check – edit – fix – or anything else – otherwise, I’ll just have another ‘draft post’ I’ll delete some months from now –

Hitting the “Why you woke up to Likes instead of comments”  OR “Comments when I just  couldn’t let it go…”  OR “If you didn’t, may not be personal – I may have still been wading through the reader and didn’t get to you yet – 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sob… The Return of the Lazy Liker…maybe…”

  1. Sometimes I like things because of the picture that shows up and because I want people to know I really do like them and to keep please posting, even if I didn’t read the whole long thing yet. 🙂 It’s a well thought out lazy liking, lol. But I read this, really I did. Glad you are back. Take your time catching up, the words will still be there.

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  2. Guilty….. but I don’t feel guilty. I read what comes up on the Reader but not all the time. I post when I feel like it. If I’m going to work early I don’t read anything and rarely turn my computer on at night. It’s hit and miss.
    I also post stuff knowing hardly anyone will see it. That’s OK, I just felt like writing it! I charge you with being a lazy-liker! How Canadian is that!?

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