Why I don’t care about Offending

There are a few golden truths that seem to show up throughout our history of humanity  – culturally, religious, causes, leaps in how the human species chooses to be – etc. –

Many crafted, presented, etc., in the language or perspective of it’s ‘current’ time/space – but which, in the end – still boil down to the same, bottom-line, foundational concepts –

Given my study of a small (very small!) sliver of a multitude of ‘disciplines’ in various areas – all I know, at a deep, cellular certainty is –

If I have the urge to say – and don’t give a damn about the consequences, am prepared to pay for my “identified by others’ sins” whether it’s really true or not –

Well, then I might as well go ahead –

Lord Knows…

If I’m wrong…too early… too late in announcing…

Well –

I placed my bet and now I gotta live with what comes after the spin or roll of the dice –

Only thing goin’ for me?

Learning to be more discerning about which flocks I choose to engage with –

Choosing to keep an open mind and/or listen to what my well-evolved (if minorily messed up by acquired brain injuries, adopted coping skills, etc.) tell me

BUT at the end of the day, if I’m really ‘attached’ to something that is ‘not beneficial’ to a single, gol’ durned soul on the planet –

I’ll either be ignored or get served with plenty of data and harsh lessons to point out my errors in “being ”

The older I get – the less data I have to wait for and wade through and the Simpler Life Gets – 🙂

I’m starting to trust the inner beat of my own drum…

Learning to trust exactly what folks say to me, and go forth in my own choices, accordingly –

To take responsibility for any small, possible, sliver I may have contributed to the problem with,  without waiting for someone to demand that I do – or else –

Hold other’s accountable for their own choices – and walk away from those who have no clue about what they really want, or who choose to make a choice, then get mad at everyone else when it doesn’t turn out just like they dreamed –

And then wait and see if they are interested in investing energy to try to solve the perceived problem – or if they just wanna bitch about how it is –

Either way – I’ll be given clear direction to know if I wanna be “All In” or “Fold”

So yes, I may be wrong – If I am – I will pay for it –

I may have to offer, “Sorry, that was so… not my intent…I love you – just as you are – today! Tommrow?  Well, let’s just see how it all turns out, on both sides – but I can choose to love and support the you, you said you were – or not – and you’re free to share the you that really exists or some polished version

If you give me the polished version – guaranteed, by your words, actions, choices, the real you will show up eventually – maybe I’m up for seeing it as a scar/coping mechanism, that needs some more time – maybe not –

But you can bet, I’m gonna ask you about it –

And you have the same freedom – to ask me –

And neither one of us have to declare war over such small things – we can just choose to participate in each other’s version of reality or not – to stand by each other or not – to share knowledge the other may be missing – or not

To me, that’s why though I have no wish to hurt others, I don’t worry about ‘offending others’ – and I’m learning more about the ‘journey’ every day – I’ll let ya know how it all turns out – 🙂

You might want to walk the path or avoid it all costs – remains to be seen – 🙂

But so far, the more I walk this path, the more I make a difference for one person at a time – the more I learn about perspectives/experiences unknown to me before –

The more I’m exposed to possibilities of what might ‘really work’ –

Yup – I’ll do my best to ‘respect your house’ and support you even when I think you’re daft – but, after all, we have a ‘history’ and you may just be onto something –

OR – Maybe you and I are are hurting each other more than we should just trying to walk on the path in tandem – maybe best if we wave goodbye – with fond farewell and say, “I can’t follow your path, nor walk it with you – but be sure to touch base and let me know how that worked out for ya – for good or for ill – cuz I will listen to your story.”


You Playin’ – Win or Lose

And here, is the scheduled post I wrote last Saturday – just to keep your reader rather balanced and safe from my tendencies to share in bulk – then chose to post 2 in day and shock ya when I haven’t done so, for oh-so-long! 🙂

You Already Playin’ the Game – Everyday…

Only question to ask – how invested are you in winnin’ or losin?  🙂

(Paraphrased quote) You ain’t alone – ain’t no one else in this world ain’t carrying their own burdens, and I’m here – you can play the game given to you when you came into this world, or not…but I’m here and I say, you can do this – from movie, “Legend of Beggar Vance”

Yup, I love folks who show up to play… 🙂

What the Heck Were Ya Thinking?

One of the best gifts given to me from my dad was introducing me to option of asking myself this, instead of depending upon him or waiting for someone else to ask me (remind me)….

Coupled with the advice that if I could just stand outside of myself, for just a moment, and look at me, sans the layers of filters and perspectives regarding goals, hurts, ambitions or scars – would what I’m doing make any sense or have any logic?

Yup – this month is his birthday month and the month of Thanksgiving –

So, thanks Dad – for teaching me to ask myself – instead of waiting for someone else to ask me – OR for being willing to answer or at least hear ’em out when they do ask –

Miss ya – 🙂


YES! Join Me in a Break to Victory Dance!

After many months of compiling data from numerous sources –

After many hours of building an infrastructure that means sitewide messages update cuz one date field, in one custom post got ‘updated’ – I’m now taking a break from coding to content generation/data uploads/double-checks – that I dove into once I had ‘nailed down’ the If And If, Or If, this, show that – but IF this, that and/or this, then – display something else –

This is why I build websites – why I research tools for months on end before recommending them – because, over all, for time and $ spent – they will provide the highest returns on investment – No, they may not be perfect – no, they may not meet your every single, bloomin’ need – but what the heck?  Ya only gotta learn the one or two things and wait for the developers to catch up with how star-spangled innovative you are – until then – still reap some rewards if you set your goals and set your daily or weekly or monthly ‘to do lists’ – 🙂


I am into free-wheeling, data uploads, and content refinement now – where it’s easy – and listen’ to inspirational movies while I do so – and, (sob, again) – I had to take a break when the roar of the crowd indicated I needed to watch the Daddy scene that chokes me up – every – frickin’ time – in fact – I might of embarrassed the man-child unit, who had another man-child unit over for the weekend, when I once knocked on his ‘cave’ door and said,

“I still cry – every time this scene comes on – isn’t it wonderful, you want me to rewind it so you all can watch it too?”

(Ahem…he and the friend said they forgave me for interrupting some massive level of virtual-important-battle-to-be-won-to-move-to-next-level….)

But, before I share the clip, have to say the movies are full of hard-arse Dad’s that do their best to protect their young from the horrible disappointments they experienced, pain felt or lessons learned – and each generation, in it’s turn, will fight Dad – (Mom, too – )

But in the end – when you stand, fight and win – It IS AWESOME! – But it doesn’t mean as much as your Dad (or your Mom) showing up to say, in their own way, “OK – ya did it – I’m proud of you)

Love ya, Dad & Mom – you and parents like you, are still my Heroes! 🙂

P.S.  Time to suit up for the barefoot around the living room victory dance –

A Post of Titles

I’m clearing out/trashing 25 drafts from my account here at WordPress –


Perhaps because it appears I’m better at writing titles than I am at writing full posts that stay on target and come in under 1,000 words or so –

Whaddya think?:

  • “Pain is Still Pain…”
  • “Yes, You May Someday be an Arse, too, If you haven’t already been one…”
  • “The Power and Loss of Not Complaining”
  • “It Isn’t always Easy to be Simple”
  • “Someday, I might be a Lady…”
  • “You’re Never Alone and Miracles Abound”
  • “There’s No Crying in Baseball…”
  • “Ode to Country Doc of Yore”
  • “Why You Can’t Visit Me in Jail – Once Again….”
  • “The Elephant Has Left The Room”
  • “Blowin’ Bubbles and Raspberries”

And quite a few more – but you get the drift…

Each post had it’s merits – each one contained a memory, of a moment in time and it’s connection to what I see as universal truths – some even with some inspirational movie clips or music – and yet – there in the Drafts folder they sat –

So I deleted ’em all –

Cuz, ya know – if it was the right time or the need was great enough – or I was the only one who was going to say “it” in the just way the right way, that one other person needed to hear, at that point in time – well, I woulda just hit the publish button, right then and there – perfect or not, short, long, who cares?  I would have had the urge to just hit publish – consequences be damned…


Since I didn’t, well – I figure the Universe is telling me, “think about it some more, you’re close, but not quite yet on target – it’s okay to wait…”

So you may see some of these titles, along with a post, someday – or they may show up a little or lot differently – but rest assured, if what I’m thinking about is something you really needed to hear, just now – they will be published – if no one, anywhere, needed to hear it – well, there in the trash bin they will sit – until I remember to clean that ‘digital room’ out, as well…   🙂

And if you read, and think, “Who needed to hear this?” – well – ahem, obviously, the message wasn’t for you – so move on, nothing to see here…  🙂

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