Oh..and BTW –

I had the good fortune to meet through my work, a gal that worked as an aide in diplomatic situations for years – and, no kiddin’ speaks way more languages than I do (English/Cursing/Blasphemy – yup – 3 is all I’ve got, unless you count a friendly smile, shrug, and frantic acting out of descriptions in non-mime form a language….)

I took advantage of her graciousness, to confess – I’ve been scared to travel “abroad” for a couple of reasons –

  1. What if I don’t speak the local language or lingo?  Will I inadvertently offend someone and not even know enough to say, “I’m sorry?”
  2. What if I say/do something that is very reprehensible in the local culture, just cuz I don’t know their milenia old history and pain points?  What if I guarantee that by trying to connect, visit with another, I say something that hurts or offends, cuz I didn’t know enough to keep my mouth shut?
  3. What if I tip too much or not enough?  What will wait staff/small business owners think of all Americans, once I leave, if I mess up?
  4. Are other countries, older than ours, even as judgmental as so many are in our country?  Should I even be worrying about this stuff?   LOL

Lots of stress – to me – this traveling abroad –

She helped, somewhat, in me getting over my fears – and assured me that as long as I’m polite and learn how to say a recognizable “Please” and “Thank You” in local lingo/language – I’ll probably be okay –

But truly – the absolute best local experiences I have had when I visited a ‘new to me’ area was when I was able to make contact with one who lives and loves their locale –

I’ve bookmarked places from the blogs I follow – I’ve set a ‘to do list’ for bloggy world buddies, to say, “Hey – think I’m going to be passing close to you, next summer – can I buy you lunch (or tea, or coffee – or whatever is appropriate – and, if you say, “There’s a fantabulous restaurant I’ve been wanting to try – minimum per person is $1,000 – well – we’ll have to settle for meeting over a cup of coffee in the parking lot – LOL)

So now – you know my goals – and I will have to stretch every bit of budget to stay and travel the land across the pond as much as I can afford to – and to stay to soak up the culture of the locales I visit – for as long as I can –

Post, email or message me your favorites in your area – can’t wait to hear about them and work them into the overall plan!  🙂


17 thoughts on “Oh..and BTW –”

  1. Well, duh, I should have read ALL of your posts – before I wrote along response to convince you to come to Maine. Let’s just say – if you lay over in Boston, stay for a couple of days and come see us. 🙂

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  2. Not on your way to any place in the US is my home state of Maine – where you can linger in Portland for some shopping and good eating, then wander up the coast – amazingly beautiful coast – past Acadia National Park (stop if you must, everyone else does) but then KEEP GOING to Washington County. There isn’t much there but scenery, and eventually, the end of the US world in Eastport and Lubec. Along the way, you will see where the world’s best blueberries are grown (the little wild ones) on vast fields called barrens, scraped to rubble by glaciers and covered with low growing blueberries. Gorgeous any time of year. Circle up north through the potao country of Aroostook County, and down the through the wild, woodsy middle to round out your trip. Can’t promise you will see moose or bear, but they are out there! Can promise you will see trees and rocks and fog and water, though. And me, if you stop in Hancock County. 🙂

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    1. I’m pretty sure Hancock County is on my way east from Colorado to England – added it to the proposed itinerary list! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet, visit and see ‘your neck of the woods!”

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  3. I live in Somerset UK. We speak English, though possibly not as you’d recognise it! In my locale I’d recommend visiting: the beautiful city of Bath, Stonehenge, Wells Cathedral and the Bishops Palace and for some local colour, my home town of Frome, which while not an international destination like the others, is a pretty, vibrant, ancient market town. And we have nice cafes where they charge a couple of quid for a coffee! Plus we have a wool shop. 😊

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    1. Awesome! Frome is on the list – even if someone will have to show me which local currency denotes a ‘quid’! LOL – cannot pass up “ancient market town” – “wool shop” – or coffee! Added to list and thank you so very much – it’s hard for me, until I look at map and plot out, to imagine being able to see so many things, within hiking/walking/driving distance without spending a day or two on travel time in between stops! As long as I have map points – then I can plan accordingly for stays in various locales! Course, I could visit for years and not see it all – but really want to stay long enough to soak up the ‘local’ vibe – 🙂 Add you to the list of folks to touch base with and offer lunch/coffee/tea to? 🙂 I’m so far behind on keeping up with everyone – 🙂

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      1. A quid is a slang term for a British pound! The great thing about the UK is how close everything is. From Frome Bath is 15 miles, Wells 16 miles and Stonehenge maybe 20-25 miles. Be very happy go show you around and to join you for a cuppa!

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        1. AWESOME -and so excited! did a search for map/website and wouldn’t ya know – 2nd paragraph on discoverfrome.com.uk, says, “‘A town full of independent, individual shops that are brimming with fabulous crafts and creations’” Sounds like my kinda place! 🙂


      2. PS if you want to drive from the far south to the tip of Scotland you could waste a couple of days travelling, but only if you drive slowly 🙂 – we’re so much smaller than the US. For example I’m in the South West but only two hours drive from London! You could consider using the train too.

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        1. Figuring on getting transported from ‘one’ locale center to walk/visit the sites, to another, by options that don’t put ‘used to driving on right side of road’me on same highway with those who drive on left – LOL – – one of my friend’s posted pics from her Ireland trip this summer – and I’m looking at the pics, thinking, “OMG! Quit snapping pics and pay attention to your driving! You’re on the wrong side of.. wait….oh….Yeah….” 🙂

          I’ll save myself from a heart attack and your countrymen(women), both, if I decline to drive – LOL


    2. Oops! Hoped over to your blog to remind myself/catch up – Your needle work is exquisite! I’m crocheter/embroiderer, but still haven’t learned how to knit properly! LOL – – and of course, the doggie pals are always a plus! 🙂 Thanks for me being lazy and replying with question instead of doing my own work to connect! 🙂 Frome, it ’tis – added to list – 🙂

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