A Post of Titles

I’m clearing out/trashing 25 drafts from my account here at WordPress –


Perhaps because it appears I’m better at writing titles than I am at writing full posts that stay on target and come in under 1,000 words or so –

Whaddya think?:

  • “Pain is Still Pain…”
  • “Yes, You May Someday be an Arse, too, If you haven’t already been one…”
  • “The Power and Loss of Not Complaining”
  • “It Isn’t always Easy to be Simple”
  • “Someday, I might be a Lady…”
  • “You’re Never Alone and Miracles Abound”
  • “There’s No Crying in Baseball…”
  • “Ode to Country Doc of Yore”
  • “Why You Can’t Visit Me in Jail – Once Again….”
  • “The Elephant Has Left The Room”
  • “Blowin’ Bubbles and Raspberries”

And quite a few more – but you get the drift…

Each post had it’s merits – each one contained a memory, of a moment in time and it’s connection to what I see as universal truths – some even with some inspirational movie clips or music – and yet – there in the Drafts folder they sat –

So I deleted ’em all –

Cuz, ya know – if it was the right time or the need was great enough – or I was the only one who was going to say “it” in the just way the right way, that one other person needed to hear, at that point in time – well, I woulda just hit the publish button, right then and there – perfect or not, short, long, who cares?  I would have had the urge to just hit publish – consequences be damned…


Since I didn’t, well – I figure the Universe is telling me, “think about it some more, you’re close, but not quite yet on target – it’s okay to wait…”

So you may see some of these titles, along with a post, someday – or they may show up a little or lot differently – but rest assured, if what I’m thinking about is something you really needed to hear, just now – they will be published – if no one, anywhere, needed to hear it – well, there in the trash bin they will sit – until I remember to clean that ‘digital room’ out, as well…   🙂

And if you read, and think, “Who needed to hear this?” – well – ahem, obviously, the message wasn’t for you – so move on, nothing to see here…  🙂


9 thoughts on “A Post of Titles”

  1. I love your outlook on life. The positivity is overflowing through my computer screen. This sort of follows on from my “everything happens for a reason” post. For example, if you’re late for a really important meeting then it’s the universe maybe stopping you from being crushed by a falling building. For everything that you knew didn’t happen, there is probably something bad that you didn’t know WOULD happen. Oh dear, I’m confusing MYSELF writing this. It sounded much simpler in my head lol.

    Actually reading it back helped a lot. There’s real potential in this for a blog post I think….

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  2. I tend to write a part of a post and stop. They rarely have titles and like you sometimes I just look at them and think, begone.
    Some of your titles were more than interesting. They’d make great prompts.

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    1. Tric! So nice to see ya here! Yes, I think they’d make some great ‘let’s buckle down to writing’ prompts – so full of possibilities – – AND if I can get my ‘old’ life cleaned up enough to dive into my next big adventure (less build for efficiency behind the scenes infrastructure, more ‘writey, writey on various subjects and connect, connect, encourage/question, writey, writey some more) THEN, who knows? Maybe I’ll start a once a month, week, daily post prompt! Who knows? But yes – sometimes ya just got not throw the baby out with the bathwater and while I didn’t feel like the ‘content’ or me editing lived up to the promise of the saved, “Titles” – I tell ya – I’m still real attached to the possibilities to be explored in each of the titles I listed – 🙂 Thanks for stoppin by and taking the time to connect! Love it! 🙂


  3. Ha…I had the great idea once to just write a title when I thought I had a good idea for a post. All I ended up with was a billion titles for which I could not even remember the thought that inspired them.

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    1. A picture (or title, or video clip) may be worth a thousand words – and sometimes – you may feel the urge to say them and maybe not – but, I always figured, if it was really needed at the time, well, ain’t know way you’ll stop or rest, till it’s ‘done’ -your comment just triggered a couple of fave memories – so be on the look out for a post with clips from Amadeus movie and/or references to Dale Brown –

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