You Playin’ – Win or Lose

And here, is the scheduled post I wrote last Saturday – just to keep your reader rather balanced and safe from my tendencies to share in bulk – then chose to post 2 in day and shock ya when I haven’t done so, for oh-so-long! 🙂

You Already Playin’ the Game – Everyday…

Only question to ask – how invested are you in winnin’ or losin?  🙂

(Paraphrased quote) You ain’t alone – ain’t no one else in this world ain’t carrying their own burdens, and I’m here – you can play the game given to you when you came into this world, or not…but I’m here and I say, you can do this – from movie, “Legend of Beggar Vance”

Yup, I love folks who show up to play… 🙂

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