Christmas Traditions

Funny – the years have passed and this ‘tradition’ is not that prevalent, this year – have I talked/spouted to much, that I ruined the joy for another? Or are we simply, as a family, settling into more sustainable holiday traditions, that include buying and gifting, sans gift wrap and way earlier than THE designated time? The purchase of items that serve our daily life, throughout the year? I’ll let you know – still sifting through the data of changed traditions – 🙂

The Good, Bad and Ludicrous

This morning I stumbled to start coffee and started checking emails on my phone.   One from my Mom, Subject line: Love You

Opening it, I gaze upon a short message: “Morning kiddos.   Have a good day.  Luv you bunches.”

Hmmm…. Is Mom feeling the spirit of the season intensely this a.m. or is she perhaps feeling the voids left by those of our family recently lost and trying to fill it through extra loving?

Then I scroll down and see the P.S.:

“I know what you’re getting for Christmas”

Aha!  The whole blinking email was a front for her favorite Christmas tradition – Singing “I know what you’re getting for Christmas”.

I couldn’t resist – I replied with:

“Dear Madam,

We regret to inform you that you will receive nothing for Christmas, as the strain of anticipation and trying to guess what they were getting for Christmas, coupled with their…

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