The Joy of the Season Struck, this morning –

Yes – even though I dusted off the ornament on my Charlie Brown Christmas tree on Thanksgiving, that I had left ‘up’ since last year, and announced, “My tree is up, too!”…

An Honest to Goodness Charlie Brown Tree
An Honest to Goodness Charlie Brown Tree

Even though I’ve done most my shopping, creating, donations of time to worthy causes, in lieu of funds I don’t have – etc…

It wasn’t until this morning that I had a relaxation of pressure from the long months of hard work, for just a heartbeat long enough, that I was vulnerable to being struck by the Joy of Christmas – which I stubbornly like to extend and think of as the Winter Holiday Season.

That special section of calendar-time that stretches, for me,  from around Harvest Home/Halloween to around the weeks determined by American Educational Systems as Spring Break.

I am a descendant of Northern European stock – Which means –

  1. My ancestors’ experience of long, back breaking workdays from spring planting to fall harvest time,
  2. Followed by,  the enforced relaxation via the cold breath of Mother Nature demanding retreat to the hut for shelter, just to survive,
  3. Followed by the boredom & frustration of being closed in, to conserve energy and food stores and,
  4. Surrounded by other people who, at some point, start to grate on one’s nerves, long before the sun is ready to bless the fields once more…
  5. Which demands all inhabitants in the hut must sing, dance, share stories and love one another just to avoid killing each other over the fact that someone is snoring too loud…or breathing too loud… cuz come Spring, we’ll all be happy for the many mouths that whistled while we worked and the hands that made the load lighter –

All These Lessons..

Are rather hard-coded into my DNA and cellular memory – 🙂

Thanks to global warming, and my current location – my season of long work days is rather longer than my Nordic ancestors – meaning, I usually slide into this time of year in an exhausted & ill condition – without much energy left for anything but to hang on long enough to get the final harvest in and wait for the ‘season of frenzied activity’ to cease – without spending alot of energy on stuff dreamed up by those who thought summer was over months ago –

(yes, I’m still a work in progress – talk to the hand – you, most likely are, too – if you aren’t, either you need to wake up, or I need to say, “Thanks, most venerable human, for choosing to read – I trust you understand the stage of my journey… “)


I’ve long been amused by my observations of me, during my on-purpose quest to fashion an identity in tune with the term -‘hard-arse’ – I like that identity – I like the freedom it gives me, the benefits it gives to others I interact with, when the you-know-what-hits-the-fan and unless/until another one as beneficial comes to my awareness – well, this one suits me just fine –

But I still struggle, this time of year – due to internal incongruencies –

  • -I often am sure I have become immune to the mass of marketing, consumerism and hysteria of the Christmas season,  that hits earlier and earlier each year –
  • – I continue to strive to live the ideals of the season, year round and even hold back, on purpose,  from diving into the heightened nonsense at the approved “time”, just so folks don’t mistake me for one who has surrendered to the materialism and blind consumption of the season, instead of the Spirit of the season – (I do have a rep, in some circles, to live up to, doncha ya know.. 🙂 )

But let me relax, for one moment,

  • Secure in a confidence forged during the long days of trying to keep one step ahead of life and chaos & to make hay while the sun shines- for me and those I support –
  • Determined that a laissez faire attitude will NOT be triggered by uninformed external stimuli…and, well…


I, too, am hit by a giddy, childlike enthusiasm and joy that washes over me – before I’m actually ready to quit working in the fields and retreat to the ‘hut’ to spend my days feasting, dancing, singing, tellin’ stories, sleeping long hours and taking a nap, to boot –

Perhaps the Universe is trying to tell me I’m being too strict with my inner and outer life – 🙂


Overall, I’m not too disappointed by the event – after all those who have been posting, for months, now,

“Only xx Days till Christmas “

Will be relieved that I am not commenting/replying

“So?  Only xxx days till Christmas 2016 and only xxxxxx days till Christmas 3052, if we don’t destroy ourselves before then – “

 🙂 (I still entertain myself in ways that are hurtful to others, though that was not my intent – I seriously thought my irreverence would make you laugh – I just didn’t realize how very important it was to you – promise, won’t do it again – 🙂 )

Now that I’ve been kissed and smitten

…by the Collective Thrill and Joy, of the season, – I’ll share with you one of my favorite Christmas songs, performed in it’s entirety by human vocal chords – even the drums – 🙂

I may not know if you celebrate Christmas or something else – I may not know if your culture or faith contains special days for you this time of year or not –

If you live in an area of the world where it’s hot as heck and you’re suffering through Hell’s Kitchen to bake Christmas cookies for traditional reasons – well, you have my hugs, prayers and support of your dedication to your heritage of traditions 🙂

But, as always –

My hope for you is the same as it is the rest of the year, though I may not say it to you as often as I should:

May now and the future, bring you and your loved ones – Peace, Respite, Healing and Joy

And may we all look forward to the day when my and so many other humans’ interpretation of the intended Spirit of this particular holiday, is practiced, year round, without fail, by our species – and may I learn not to work so hard, I’m incapable of living it every moment of every day – 🙂

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