Yup – I’m Lost in “Cyberland”

I’ve descended full blown, no-holds barred – into the Spirit of the Season –

I’m choosing to connect, one on one, with those who I love – via email, phone calls and social media –

Translation – I’m sick, I’m tired, I cannot do another minute of focused work efforts for efficiency, support of so many that work, everyday, for the benefit of us all – and just so you know, here’s the link to my latest launch –

Double El & Agate Conservation Districts

(really?  you thought I was actually going to successfully mail out Christmas Cards via USPS mail this year, to achieve such goals?  Perish the thought I have progressed THAT much – I still have a purchased “Thank You” from a month ago, that I haven’t mailed yet – 🙂 )

Is the site perfect? Heck no!  Is there more to be done? Heck Ya!

But, for today, I simply succumbed to the need of being, rather than doing – 🙂

On the other hand – perhaps I’m just lost in my basic nature and actually failing in my sworn duty – it is a possibility –

I confess, I have fully descended into, “One Person at a Time…” mode – for support of individuals, for support of ideals I think benefit the human species, etc.

I go to the ‘one-on-one’ and post publicly, when I think my little diary of experiences may benefit  more than just moi..

I still believe:

  • Lasting change that benefits many who strive for a better ‘morrow’, actually comes about, one sincere connection at a time –
  • It doesn’t happen because I have conquered and perfected, graphic art, social media or search engine frontiers –
  • It doesn’t happen simply because I have a lot of followers, or likes or anything else – trust me, I know how easy it is to hit the ‘like’ button -:)

Ultimately, lasting understanding and change come about from my own efforts at understanding and connection

Simply because I connect and tell, in as much ‘in-person’ manner as I can,

“Yup!  You’re Right!  Count Me IN!”

Lasting change occurs when I have the time and courage to say,

“On your side”


“Yup, but that info you’re touting may be outdated, are you aware of this?  Thoughts?”


“Hmm – Not familiar with that – can you direct me to more information?”

I truly count upon my fellow man to show me the same kindness and path to information – while navigating the ‘trending’ traps laid by oh-so-much of cyberland – 🙂

Comfort may be given to another when I say:

“Are you open to the possibility that what you see as your greatest flaw, is actually, your greatest gift?

Hurt May Be caused when I say:

“It’s Fine!  Quit Worrying!  Do you realize how very wonderful you are?  Can you let go of the need to be perfect or take care of everyone else?  For just a moment?  Can you rest easy in the multitude of ‘ranks’ that love you, just as you are, today?”


“I’m thinking, just now, you might want to back off, a little – I hear what you’re saying, and you’re right, best as I can see – but the majority of those whose support you seek, and need, to accomplish your goals, don’t see it just like you do, yet… you have a bit more of seed planting or educational work to do – or you may not have all the facts/information regarding the pain triggers of those you wish to work with and support -“

Help and Harm are the two faces of the Coin spent by the Generous Heart –

and, like all things, are seen as a blessing or curse given the perspective of the receiver – when my own coins are spent in tech world – via phone, social media, internet world – cuz – those who receive my insta-missives/words – I may get it, I may not – but still ‘young’ enough to make mistakes –

A hundred years ago, they would not have even received my declaration, outlining my own fashion of support, until 6 months after I wrote it from a far away land – (when I chose to explore heretofore unknown to me lands)  and the recipients may have been more likely to forgive me for not being ‘up to date’ on what I was talking about – cuz, I’m out in the wilds, what could I really know?


Well – I just have to take my successes and failures, all in stride, given the nano-second changing tides of popular opinion, changing tradition & political landscapes a million other variables  – Insta communication land can be scary – at least for me –

I still trust in one thing –

The inherent love, compassion and loyalty of humans who accept me as I am, today – and know I will easily (or fight against my own visceral responses) adjust, to give them the same benefits, until we can clearly and without regret, declare;

“The path you are walking is one I cannot follow – either tell me why I should or be willing to share tales of the ‘path not taken’ over a cup of tea, in front of the fire, later – I may come around to your way of thinking, I may not, but you, personally, one-on-one, mean a great deal to me, and have given me so many gifts over our journey together….”



2 thoughts on “Yup – I’m Lost in “Cyberland””

  1. I’m not one who gets to read it all, far from it – as I seem to never have the time I expected to have after a busy career. But to occasionally absorb your words has always been a pleasure, following your trials and tribulations… Hope you and your closest have a good and memorable holiday season. M 🙂

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    1. and you, my cyber friend, who I’m so far behind in reading and absorbing the words of, for, some months now, have often thought of, and today, as the memories of those near and dear were allowed to work their way to the conscious choice – Know I hold you and your spirit dear – Hold close to my heart and mind thoughts that blessings for you and those you love rain down upon you all – even if when I don’t say it often enough, in everyday life – 🙂


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