SOS Call to Mac Lovers –

In a completely unexpected turn of events, that if I had been left to ‘plot’ out how it would happen, would never have happened as unexpectedly, flawlessly and perfectly as it did, I am….finally…after 6 or more years of dreaming of being a Mac User, the proud owner of a Mac Desktop all-in-one with a bigger screen than I ever dreamed I could start out with!   🙂

Alas – I’ve struggled some in determining what to replace my vector/svg software with – as I moved to Serif DrawPlus aeons ago (I love Serif) – and wish for input from any Mac lovers who do vector/svg graphics to recommend a replacement –

Remember, I know the basics, enough to get by for myself and others who are starting out and not financially equipped to hire a true graphic artiste to do it for them –

I have used Adobe Illustrator and Serif DrawPlus off and on over the past years and feel comfortable with winding my way through basic functions –

If you have a favorite – paid or open-source, would you mind sharing your fave in the comments below?

Thank you, dear community – and as soon as I can get the Free Trial of Serif’s Affinity for Mac photo editor – I got a post coming for you!   LOL

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