All I want for Christmas is some New Socks –

Nope, this isn’t some heart-rendering tale of some orphan of the streets that was blessed by new socks from a stranger, struck by the joy of the Season –

It’s about New Socks – Pure and Simple –

No matter how broke I was, I could always get my Dad, every year, a pair or pack of new socks AND he appreciated the gift – and was tickled with the gifting and beamed, as he opened the pack and felt the softness of the socks –

He would carefully stow them away for ‘use’ when those socks he wore, well,  wore out – I’m not certain, but pretty sure there were unused packs of soft socks in his dresser when he left us – saved for the day, he really, really needed the bolstering of a soft, new pair of socks, to walk his journey.

He thought new, soft, comfy socks the epitome of gift-giving –

(I could also either sew or purchase soft handkerchiefs too, that cushioned the wear and tear on chapped nose – such gifts were as readily appreciated….)

During one weekend visit home, in my early adulthood, I sat and listened to my dad and brother expound on the virtues of new socks –

“For some reason, no matter what you do, or how careful you are, once they are ‘washed’, they are never as soft again – ”

“If I were rich, I’d never wash socks again..I’d buy a new pack, wear ’em once and throw ’em away”

Yup – I’ll admit to my family having wasteful consumerism dreams of Nirvana – in some areas of life 🙂

But I can’t deny that often, over the years of my adult life, I have yearned for the ‘new socks’ mode of thinking –

And so, my wish for You


May you be blessed by soft cushioning support as you walk a hard and rocky path –

May you feel so abundant you can entertain the idea of never wearing a pair of socks more than once.

What can I say?

You may think it silly, but I really hope this Christmas, you get the gift of socks – no matter what form the socks you need, just now, arrive in.


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