Stats & Memes Lie – Get Over It

Yes, I’m not over it, but couldn’t help but observe –

Below you will find two pics shared via Facebook (yes, I’m in middle of observing the social media phenomena, can’t help myself in collecting experential data –

Picture #1


Picture # 2


Decision of Mine:

“Oohh~  Look!  A chalkboard and anything written on it must be right –

Yup – I’m being an Arse

I firmly believe the only things that ‘gain ground/support’ these days and, throughout history, are those things observed/believed –

Did you know that scientist and medical practitioners swore the human body was not able to break a 4 minute mile?  Until someone did – – and all the sudden – everyone was doing it and making, by increments, better time –

Be careful how you choose to change the Human Paradigm – the person who falls from such changes might just be you –

Or not… 🙂  I’m open to possibilities – 🙂

(P.S. I’m well aware that I just put focus on two opposing viewpoints – I’m betting they either cancel each other out OR I’ll answer for my sins of creating Chaos – either way – I may learn more while disrupting the entire universe – remains to be seen between the Faith/Create crowd of belief – 

Thoroughly confused?  Don’t be – I live in my own little world of multiple stances/beliefs – 🙂  All that ever counts is INTENT by the individual and, to me, postings (mine included) shout out Intent loud and clear – I’m hoping my loud and oft-repeated saying, “…work in progress’….) covers the bases for you and me – 🙂

By the Way – you might have my email, phone # and home address – you might live 3 blocks from me – if you’re too busy to check anything other than your Facebook feed – you’re losing out on community! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Stats & Memes Lie – Get Over It”

    1. LOL – still trying to decide if concerted effort of sharing memes only actually makes a difference over my traditional approach to introducing the Chaos of ‘ya know, there might be a way to…..’ ideas – 🙂 Thanks for thanking me for my ‘intent’ – LOL


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