Beheading the Rose – The Mystery of St Valentine

Why should I write out my planned blog post, when it’s already done? And done so well? Happy Valentines Day – In every way, at every level!

The Silent Eye


In a plastic bucket beside the counter sat a dozen roses, each one individually wrapped, slightly faded, but with their heads held firmly erect in the stiff plastic. Each one would doubtless be bought and, given their garage location probably as an afterthought, along with the milk and petrol, and taken home to a loved one as a token. For many, that would be the extent of their expression of devotion for another year. For many recipients, it would mean the world. It was a sad sight.

On the 14th of February, across the western world, florists, jewellers and chocolatiers make a commercial killing as lovers and hopeful romantics celebrate St Valentine’s Day. Few of us are immune from interest in this date. Some pay court and show their hearts to a loved one, some stand firmly in the camp that sees the celebration simply as a money-making scam, while…

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4 thoughts on “Beheading the Rose – The Mystery of St Valentine”

    1. I swear – caching mechanism, my slow ISP, etc., etc. – you can delete my extra comment – LOL And modified “re-write” to “write my own planned post” – just to clarify, I wasn’t planning on quasi-plagarism! LOL


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