‘Lil Door

This post inspired by provided picture and Sue Vincent’s “Beyond the door…writing prompt”.

I journeyed far,

To reach the magical ‘lil door –

“Portal to Paradise”

‘Twas rumoured…


Only to discover it unyielding,

To first, my gentle nudging,

Then, increasingly determined,



I spent decades,

Sitting beside the door,

Asking anyone who happened by,

“How might I, too,

Be worthy enough to enter Paradise?”


Only to discover, one bright day,

The faded inscription

“Pull to Open”.


Anticipation and Joy,

Quickly collapsed into horror;

As the ‘lil door swung easily,

To reveal…


I had wasted years,

In Paradise,

Trying to get Out.

18 thoughts on “‘Lil Door”

    1. Sue! Doing my own version of ‘catch-up’ with full desktop/keyboard instead tiny stuff, with Fat Finger Mistakes on Smarter than I Phone – LOL – Thanks for saying I’m a quiet poet – seriously! means so much as stuff I write ‘deemed’ poetry, I still view, from my own perspective/heart as ramblings from a soul that doesn’t even know ‘da rules’ well enough to break ’em artistically – LOL Thanks so much for your visit and kind comment! 🙂

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