Really? Thank Goodness!

UraniasMirror20-300pxAs previously mentioned, I have long owed a post to Litebeing for the fantabulous 2016 Forecast session I had with her back in January.

I’ve really struggled with getting this  post to the ‘hit the publish button – really!  you can do it! Yes, that blue button – right – THERE!’ stage –

And yes, I’m pondering on exactly why the struggle – Linda might say it’s because I’m exploring the Libra side of life – fairness, justice, seeing both sides – and since many of these things are important to my natural Leo heart, well, I guess I hesitate, well versed in the many lessons learned when I blazed my fiery trail, only to later realize,

“Hmm…would have been better if I had just waited and thought about it for a while…”

Perhaps it’s because the reminders of my cluster birth blessing, which means when the you-know-what hits the fan, not only does it hit all at once, but from a variety of angles – (seriously, sometimes enough fertilizer arrives for me to open my own garden center) – I’ve been well trained these past years to think,

“Why intentionally bring more on myself, by hurrying and rushing?”

On the other hand, I could just be exploring my Lazy Leo side, waiting for the cluster to wind it’s way over to a more favorable position, so I don’t have to work so hard for the same end result… 🙂


I do rather like my cluster – even though sometimes, it seems hard to live with. One of my favorite terms when things are tangled and complex is,

“What a clusterf***!”

It’s rather comforting to think of myself as part of that whole cluster type family – 🙂  It fits me, I declare!

But this isn’t the story Litebeing tells; while she’s very kind at listening to my version of whistling and laughing in the dark – in her learned, capable and compassionate keeping, the same chart with it’s cluster suddenly becomes a land of mystery, challenge, honor – a Life quest for the warrior-monk’s heart –

A story that talks of the strength and wisdom borne of the time of sorrows, to be put to good use as I move into the next chapter of “Kingdom of Moi”

Yup, she did all that in one session – albeit, she used much more technical terms, explained the ones I wasn’t familiar with, and in general – gave me some options for stories to tell myself that would serve me better this coming year.

I’ve felt much better, overall, since my reading – instead of thought patterns roiling around in my noggin’ of “Will it ever end?” – I find myself more often thinking, “I’m almost through with this phase, and well-prepared to take on the next one!”

A phase which, I’m informed, will be be smoother than this last one – apparently, due to my cluster, when it’s time to grow, I get hit, hard, rather all at once – and as long as I survive that, well…

When it comes time to put that experience to some good use, the cluster manages to move around and pave the way for me to go forth and do my thing.

My chart reminds me of that nursery rhyme about the little girl, with a little curl –

“When she was good, she was very good,

When she was bad, she was horrid….”

I was transported back through time, as the ‘cluster’ and locations, etc. was explained – gaining deeper understanding of external observations that have plagued me for years,

“Why can’t you just go slow and steady?  Why do you have to try to do everything at once?”

“Can’t you learn to work with your cycles, instead of trying to cram yourself into a job schedule that doesn’t work for you?”

Yup, I still struggle with seeing both sides of the coin on that portion of my personality – and she knows it – for I was cautioned to take care of my health while I go back out on safari this coming year – to remember to rest and not overdo –  🙂


In my lifetime, I’ve had various readings by various souls in a variety of arts/sciences – some were good, some left me thinking, “Maybe you’re in the wrong biz, ever think of being a bartender?” – but for now, I’m happy to settle in, touch base with Linda now and again, and leave it at that – I trust her.

While she always finds a way to tell a better story about me than the one I’m currently telling myself, she also doesn’t happy-wappy gloss over things and let me skip on my merry, oblivious way – she makes sure I stop to ponder on my own blind spots that are apparent to nearly everyone but me – 🙂

She’s part of the community of ‘fail-safe’ switches I’ve built here – the ones in place to save me from myself when I flounder with Life’s challenges.

She also forgave me for snorting over the ‘line-up that indicates love’ portion of the session and my hearty chuckle, coupled with –

“I pity the poor sap that shows up here, just now.”

She kindly, calmly reminded me that just because I don’t see what’s in front of my face, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist – 🙂

And so, I’ve been retraining my brain, switching from

“Are you kiddin?  Never Again!”

well-worn path (who am I kidding?  It’s been traveled enough to be a 6 lane interstate – complete with roadside parks and everything by now!) to –

“Not looking, not seeking, but working on being ready, myself, for whoever might show up that is everything I never knew I always wanted”

And yes, Linda, I have been thinking long and hard on your many words of wisdom – I kept my notes…

(thanks for resending my chart – the original being entombed in a crashed hard-drive that has defied extraction) –

I’m less concerned with exactly why/what time frame, and more about fully understanding, integrating and putting to use all you shared in one reading –

I’m still plowing through it – both inside and externally – by-the-by, my front porch and kitchen are clean, fairly clutter free, now, too 🙂

I’m little by little getting the final chaos of the past tidied up and in order – for you know – when I’m finally ready to go forth and prosper, it will be at the speed of light and I really don’t want to be slowed down by tripping over the past 🙂

Thank you!


P.S. Linda, you remember asking me to think back to a prior time in my life, because a similar cycle was ending/coming up?  Guess WHAT!?

(Okay, don’t guess – I’ll tell ya – 🙂 )

When I was in my teens, with a heart broken by first love, I wrote a poem titled “Ureenia’s World” – one of the best I’ve ever written, me thinks, because seriously, nothing like a broken heart to churn out poetry – 🙂

Today, when I went to find a Leo symbol to grace this post, lo and behold, there’s the perfect one, complete with Leo Major and Leo Minor – and lookee there! the following description:

“From Urania’s Mirror, or a view of the heavens, engraved by Sidney Hall, 1824. This was a famous series of cards depicting constellations and with holes punched in them to represent the stars when held up to the light.” – courtesy Firkin at

The synchronous fun is gearing up and hitting faster, as the days go by!  🙂 Think I’ll dig up that poem and retype it with the right spelling – I always felt Ureenia wasn’t quite ‘it’ – only took me 30+ years to find out why… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Really? Thank Goodness!”

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  2. Thank you for creating this awesome review of your astrological consultation with me. It was a pleasure to work with you twice and see how your life is progressing. I really dig the synchronicity too. I can’t help but think of the planet Uranus here. I wonder if electric, sudden, flashes of fantabulousness describe how you felt about your former crush.

    peace, Linda

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