Spring Come Early… And It’s Simple, but Never Easy…

Locally, we’ve enjoyed a nice, long span of what I always dub as “False Spring” weather –

Those beautiful days that appear, smack dab in the middle of winter, blizzards and such, here…

Which lures both newcomers and optimists, to get out in the garden, buy bedding plants, etc., long before they ought to…

(yes, I’ve been fighting my own temptations –  but I know better…)

I Remember…Therefore, I Am…

Beautiful days, here, which have, also, over the past 200 years history of Pioneers to the Great Plains area, lured many such prior, uninitiated souls, to meet their Grim Reaper , when the cloudless, warm morning lured them far away from shelter, only to wander lost, in a blinding wall of white, screaming, fury, a few hours later…

Last Month…

My neighborhood received a nice, wet, spring-like blizzard, depositing great moisture (yes, unlike the dry, small-flake snow storms we got earlier this season).

I awoke to discover, during the wee hours of the morning, that Oakley’s path to her own pondering/take care of biz area, had been blocked by a wall of snow –

The view on day three of storm -
The view after the storm – Taken on Groundhog day -Oakley path dutifully opened each time it blew shut – kind of – sometimes me and the man-child couldn’t shovel as fast as the wind blew – and Oakley is a trooper about such things – and loves to play in snow and drag over 1/2 of it inside the cave – what do I care?  I suck at being a good housekeeper, anyways….

Seriously, though, that was so, Last Moment Ago…

Cuz on March 4th,  I discovered the last bit of stocked snow piles (shoveled by man-child with some extra help by kind neighbor who has a truck with a snow plow on front, who just shows up, unexpectedly, to get ‘er done……and.. well, I’ll have to tell you THAT story, too…later….) yes, the last bit of the biggest snow pile, disappeared earlier this week.

One short, winter, northern hemisphere, month later, my view out front door looks like this:

Yes, I'm content that Mother Nature is perfectly fine with me not clearing out my grain stocks until she fails to blow 'em down with the promised winds of March - and scatter their seed all over my place - Amaranth grain for everyone - :)

Yes, I’m content that Mother Nature is perfectly fine with me not clearing out my grain stalks unless/until she fails to blow ’em down with the promised winds of March – and scatter their seed all over my place – Amaranth grain for many more, next summer! 🙂  Ditto on raking up the pine needles – doesn’t She deserve a comfy home-made quilt to nestle into during winter, too?

Historically, Colorado has seen some Februarys so cold, diesel fuel was starting to get slushy, in the lines – slowing down the nation’s transport operations – do you know how cold it has to be for diesel to freeze?

Really Cold – I know, I watched “The Day After Tomorrow” But long before that, I got ferried to work by a boss who came and got all us night shift folks, to ensure we got to work safely, and then spent the next 8 hours, pouring coffee and telling jokes to rooms full of truck drivers, while the diesel bays were kept busy with a never ending line of trucks to be thawed out – 🙂

But not this year –


Truly, what I love most about the weather fluctuations is listening to humans ponder upon said changes –

Do you realize how few of ‘Us’ (me included) take the long-view of things?

So far, my observational data tells me, that those who don’t have their close connection with Mother Nature love 2 week memories and cycles – going from:

“Thank goodness it rained!  We do surely need it!  So nice for it not to be so dusty! Thought it was never going to rain again…”


“My Lord! Is it never going to quit raining?  Maybe build an ark, eh?  I’m so tired of mud, surely Armageddon is starting, just look at this whacky weather….”

and, back to

“When is it going to rain?  We surely can’t stand anymore fires – that global warming idea is hooey, but I tell ya, the Second Coming looms near…”


I like my farmer brother’s take on it:

“It always rains a moment before it’s too late.”


Granted, this 2-week wishy-washiness,  is mainly from those who have , IMHO, either forgotten their raisin’ or didn’t receive as fine a raisin’ as I did, in the first place – 🙂

Which means, they only need informed/educated –

On the other hand, it’s possible (and likely) their angst, might be more about the fact they have to get the car shoveled out at o’dark thirty, drive amidst other folks who have no business navigating icy roads, or driving rain storms, cuz they never learned to do it slowly or properly – all so they can earn their daily bread…

Not everyone gets to crawl from the couch they fell asleep on at 3am, stumble to the coffee pot, then to the computer, tell their boss to shut up, already, I’m here, ain’t I? and get away with it…

No, a lot of folks have to get out in that white, cold, slick and/or muddy, windy mess – therefore, they aren’t happy when I muse aloud that I surely hope we get some more snow before winter is really over…


I’m starting to think maybe I ought to clear one garden area, plant some warm season plants on the south side of the house or spring clean the outsides of my windows –

Cuz ya know, if we don’t get some more wet, spring blizzards, that leave mud/muck around for awhile, folks are gonna be cussin’ and complain’ come next July/August – maybe sooner – we’ve already had some dangerous, devastating prairie fires –

And, I’ve learned, well, what my part to play in getting a blizzard/rain to show up –

And while I love to sing and dance, I don’t even have to follow specific instructions and ‘do it right’ – cuz…

I’m a favored target of Murphy’s Law – Seriously?  If it goes long enough between summer rains, I might actually have to drag out the hose and give a drink to the drought-loving plants (like Amaranth) that aren’t included in the irrigation plan – If we haven’t gotten enough wet spring snows (I’m multi-seasonal target…) –

I only have to choose one of the below options:

  • Wash the dust off my vehicles
  • Spring/Summer Clean my windows so they sparkle, confuse birds into kamikaze style actions and please my Mum to no end
  • Plant gifted strawberries…or lettuce…or onions…or potatoes… or beans, squash, tomatoes & peppers on the south side, if I’m thinking we really need some more wet, spring snows…
  • Put off heavy rain/wind/hail damage shelter for the doing nicely summer plants, cuz, won’t Mother Nature take care of it as it should be? (yes, starting to think I’m still on probation status with Her…)
  • Write a post about what weather options I think ought to show up..

Guaranteed – any of the above actions,  and rain/snow/blizzard shows up and within a week, my slice of heaven is blessed by moisture, ice/snow piles to feed ground storage tanks for next summer and/or mud, and dead bodies of mosquitos that accidentally flew in the non-safe, no-fly-zone before my Fords’ path AND the windows are smudged/splashed enough the poor birds no longer accidentally knock themselves silly/inadvertently commit suicide by flying into ’em.

I proudly take my place in the cycle, utilizing my unique “oh sigh…what’s she doing now?!?” talents to get ‘er done….

And, you’ll notice, I did wait 4 weeks, before contemplating I might need to step in and interfere – I’ve pushed past the 2-week cycle, at least – 🙂


My apologies to those who fight the snow, mud, etc., to get to work for an ungrateful customer base and an ungrateful boss and lazy co-workers who see your loyalty and dedication as insanity, rather than the profoundly beautiful thing it is –

My profound Thank You! to those who wade out into the white-out at 3am to check on soon-to-be-mama’s of the herd – break ice, haul supplemental food – cuz doncha know – young mama’s – especially four-leggeds –  will go through weeks of perfectly nice weather, only to en masse go into labor during the first, hard spring blizzard –

Sometimes, especially for first-timer moms, the additional pair of gentle, calloused hands helping to rub dry, provide some warmed, supplemental vittles in the belly, and some words of encouragement to the new mama, who is resting from her labors,

“It’s okay girl.  This one’s a keeper – you rest now, I’ll keep an eye out – you’ll both be right as rain, come tomorrow.”

Well, it’s just a nice thing to have around.

And every spring, many more, just like him, just shake their heads at the nice weather and herd of mamas-to-be, knowing, sometime soon, they will be out and about in the white fury, at o’dark thirty, to be the helping hand and gentle voice in the storm –



P.S. While writing this post, the wind has picked up and, guess what?  Moisture on it’s way, though who knows if it’ll be rain/snow/mix?  🙂  My job, it seems, is done… 🙂

5 thoughts on “Spring Come Early… And It’s Simple, but Never Easy…”

  1. this made me laugh. We are having a winter very much like that – we get a foot of snow, then it all melts, the mud comes out, we look at each other “can this be it?” we all know we still have PTSD as regards snow from last winter, but we COULD get an early spring this year, right? So last week it was 50. There were a few days where I went to work with NOTHING of the hand knit wool I usually live in this time of year. Then it dropped down around 0 and the wind blew for a few days. Today is warmer, but it is snowing to beat the band, and it is supposed to be warm again by mid-week. I want to start the tomatoes, but in a normal year, I should wait another month. But I bet the ground in my raised beds is workable. I bet if I move the straw mulch, I would see asparagus sprouts. Or garlic. I will leave the mulch in place, because you just never know. We could get an early spring or we could get blizzards twice a week for the next month. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Go ahead – plant them ‘maters – you, too, can have a week long blizzard – LOL (though I wouldn’t recommend – you all had a hard winter, last year! 🙂 Be kind to yourself – and I’ll do my part to request my lil efforts don’t end up so heavy they carry all the way east to dump on you, too – 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Lol. I just knew you wouldnt be tempted away. You must have a farmer dna strand. Lol. Does the sight of fresh turned dirt in the spring make your heart swell as much as green growing things? LOL


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