Shovelin’ Snow… Bites

Not really – I do it when needed – take man-child-unit up on his offer to help when offered (thank goodness his shoulder healed well enough to make such things possible, again…)

I do what needs be done – me thinks –

Alas, I don’t really like shoveling snow away –

To me, whether it is still dark out and I’m periodically going out to keep pathway open for four-legged – or to save myself from clearing 3 hours worth of snow fall instead of 1 hour …

…Whether it’s light or dark outside – there is a peace to earth, when snow blankets it –

It’s as if all the noise, confusion, ugly of the world is muffled – often, I’ve been up on a Sunday morn while my more industrious neighbors slept in, quietly standing in the un-shoveled snow – watching the birds, sail and swoop – their beating wings and calls to each other the only sound in a quiet world.

In those moments – the world feels ‘right’ to me – at a cellular level –

In the dark of the night, when the winds abate – I stand under a clear sky of dark velvet background – with atmosphere high enough, clear enough, cold enough, the stars twinkle just as brightly as the frozen crystals of snow that are much closer to me and catching the Light –

In the quiet of a snow filled world, I see and feel, simultaneously, how massive and perfect the Universe is –

-And how, right now –  I Am – both insignificant, and yet, such a part of it All – a part that cannot ever be replicated exactly again, just as it is, at this moment.

Yes – I feel most at peace when snow blankets the land, it’s quiet, no one else is out hurrying, scurrying to get dug out and off to something else – and for that reason….

It just really seems a Shame to Shovel all that away – though I do it, every now and then when needs be –

We got a long waited spring snow a few days back – sorry, no pictures of the latest for ya – only 3-4 inches, man-child waded out and got ‘er done – and, all is already melted much away (except the growing beds he shoveled excess snow onto…)

Given recent exchanged messages with one who expresses LOVE of shoveling snow, I felt compelled to share why I ain’t in love with disturbing where it came to rest, unless absolutely necessary – I’m not lazy – really –

Just some serious peacekeeping of soul going on here at my place!  🙂

Okay, here’s a pic of the storm before last – don’t say I didn’t give ya a pic – even though I still haven’t updated my 1990s blog theme – 🙂  I’ll get there – but these things take time and must be done with thought and care – we don’t want to disturb the peace – even if it is old-fashioned:)

The view on day three of storm -
The view on day three of storm – two storms ago –

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