Maybe I’m Narcissistic – Maybe Not…

Over the past few weeks, given my social media sphere – lots of shares/blogs/memes have come onto my radar re: The Narcissistic Personality –

So I dutifully went and checked out the symptoms – and, alas, I’m probably one – for two main reasons, given my own lil brain network –

  1. I often turn the conversation back to moi and my journey
  2. I’m certain I’m right and the flood of posts on this condition is just pre-cursor to Big Pharma pill that will cure this failing –

Yes, I engage in turning the conversation around to me and my experience in Life, often –

I REALLY and TRULY thought that by sharing and making myself vulnerable to ridicule/judgement, I was also reaching out to another who is struggling just now – with a topic I see how I’ve had some experience with –

Nope – I’m just an egomaniac – (these two terms are interchangeable, right?)

Secondly, I’m convinced when a whole bunch of things make their way onto my radar, either a lot of folks are hurting and/or a new product launch is underway –

I have my own little ways of gauging such things – maybe they are right – maybe they are wrong – maybe they harm, maybe they help –

All I can say is, until I’m aware enough to know where I’m failing – well, new stuff? That is up for grabs as far as hard data goes?

Well, I’ll experiment on myself and then tell you about the experiment if it comes up in conversation with you –

Even if that means, I’m always talking about myself – – 🙂

Just puttin’ it out there to the flock I already know I like to fly with – 🙂

Two different views on the Science of Persuasion – Short take, first, longer version, second – I have some angst with both takes – on different levels – but once I ponder it all – I will let you know – OR – I’ll make up my own preferred story and you can buy into or not – cuz, I may be all about my choices/experience – but I don’t insist you are too – 🙂

21 thoughts on “Maybe I’m Narcissistic – Maybe Not…”

  1. My understanding of a narcissist is most times they are so wrapped up in themselves they aren’t aware of their own offensive behaviours. That you question such a thing about yourself says maybe not….

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    1. Well…that’s what I thought…BUT…a narcisisst always thinks they are smarter than the average bear – – LOL – must be open to pitfalls – or at least, thinking about such possibilities – plus – usually makes folks feel better about their journey of life, if I take the ‘hit’ for being ‘not socially popular’ first – I know my place/missive in life – and I’m okay with it – even when I push too hard and folks think I’m doing so just to ‘get a rise outta ’em” – someday – they’ll see, I was just observing – or I’ll realize, yes, I was pushing you – but – all is fair in love and war, says I – – LOL

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      1. Yes a narcissist doesn’t think they are smarter, they know they are smarter and often that is their downfall….humility is not a term known to them……I know this as I was once married to one…..

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        1. Welcome to the new incaranation of your female narcisicm – hopefully, I convince you, somewhere along the way, I don’t think I’m perfect, but I have my pain points, too – – LOL (from divorced after 17 years investment personage – and still smarting under the ‘good for me and why can’t you get with the program?’ personage! LOL

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        2. Yes don’t you love those people who come into your life and tell you that this will be good for you, one of my bug bears is: Now Michael, what you should be doing is this…AHHHHHHHH…..

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        3. Dearest Michael – Everytime someone tells you what you should ‘be doing’ – well – think about the request – – does it help just them? or perhaps your own community? or all of humanity? I’ve learned the past few years to ignore requests that only benefit one, unless I feel espeicially committed to – cuz, just makes life easier – 🙂

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        4. the dear Michael’s I refer to were requests to allegedly ‘help’ me be a better person…..but were of course others wanting to impose themselves on me…..needless to say i refused….

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        5. What else could you do, really? Cuz i saw and dubbed ya, “Summer Stormy” even though that ain’t really your handle – LOL But here, there, in Montana – we all have our seasons and storms – 🙂

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        6. And the heavy clouds of gray and contemplation time don’t qualify as ‘stormy waters?’ Perish the Thought! to my mind – but open to your interpretation of such things – – LOL

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        7. Well if you equate stormy waters as times of turbulence then no…..mostly I contemplate in calm waters, if its too rough then not much logic takes place…..I’m laid back sort of person in a deep contemplative way……


  2. maybe they are right – maybe they are wrong <—- Not a narcissist. A narcissist would say "they are right" – no maybe, no possibility of wrong.
    Then again, we all have some degree of narcissism in us. It's the sociopathic ones that make the news. And no, there's no cure.

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    1. Yes, I’m open to either and further information – until then, feeling better about being me – cuz ya know, if it shows up on my radar, it did so for a reason – LOL


      1. Well, if one were to really look at the latest edition of DSM, and consider everything that is in it, one would probably come to the conclusion that there is nothing about being a human that doesn’t qualify as an ailment. So, ailment away!

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        1. List so long, I don’t feel like typing that much… LOL – I prefer to think of my ‘ailments’ as flaws to be perfected and/or – works to benefit of some, but not everyone’s cup o’ tea – which, makes me a delusional, egomaniac, – i suppose – – LOL


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