If Wishing made My dreams come true –

Today, BIG time, I was reminded, again, about connections, time, memories, connections – and how they all mean so much to this (yes me) human – from oh-so-many-connections!

And so, I share one of my fave songs – that I haven’t recently shared – because for so long, I thought it only spoke to romantic love –

That scary territory I’m still not healed enough to even think about venturing into to – and would, in the end, be a hypocrite if I wrote about, really – thought I….

BUT also, because no matter who labels what connections as ‘what”, today, during my ‘trying to get caught up’ with those I appreciate, ever so much, here and there –

I was reminded, once again, in so many ways over the memories of the last few months of my life, where others of the flock, said to me, in their own way  –

“You, right now, is who I would spend an eternity going through time with – cuz you’re fun to travel with!”

My own take on the matter, and still learning/growing, and I (and or you) might change our minds – down the road – but, for me, there is always enough time for the ‘important’ things in life, even when I, personally, forget the importance of showing up every day to cheer you, a beloved of my world, on, in your journey – do you know that’s how I feel when I realize I haven’t logged in and kept up with social media posts?

Did you know I take your cyber world life as important as if you were my next door neighbor?

Did you know, sometimes, even with my failings of time management, you probably know more about me and I about you than my nearest physical neighbors do?

I’m wondering – do you?  Cuz, I’m thinking about such things, just now – and wondered if you understand what a difference you’ve made – for another – recently –

Did you know you were that important?  Or are you just cringing and hoping I didn’t tag you in this missive that forever ties you, cyber wise, to crazy lady?!?  LOL

Either or all ways – You hopefully know who you are, and who I am – and ….

Thank you – for the gift of Time & Spirit you gave to me, today – all 3446 of you – (I exaggerate, but I trust you to know what I meant – 🙂


5 thoughts on “If Wishing made My dreams come true –”

  1. Thank YOU for the Gift you often bring into my own world dear Tamrahjo. The humour the laughter, the strength I admire that you never give up and the facts of all the battles which you have been through in life.. That has me in Awe of you..
    I too as you know am hit and miss with your posts.. We have a life beyond our blogs.. But like you.. I bet more people know more about me than my family do.. So Never worry.. For you ARE a Gift to Many..

    Love and Warm Hugs your way my friend .. Love Sue xxx

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  2. The song sent me back all those years ago when I had all those songs on LP. What a shame Jim died so young and deprived us of such a talent. That is a great song and his music does bring tears to my eyes.
    I’m glad you experienced a re-connection with followers and such, its humbling isn’t to know that out there are people who care about you and who miss you when you aren’t around.
    Enjoy your Easter Sunday….

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