I adopted my own version of real and reality many years ago – and didn’t until much later, have it eloquently put to words, via a documentary done in 1985 – which I shall paraphrase below –

(From James Burke’s “The Day the Universe Changed” series, opening scene, he stands with the sun coming up behind him…)

“Supposedly, someone once went up to the philosopher Wittgenstein and said,

‘What a bunch of moron’s people in the Middle Ages were to see the dawn every morning and think the sun was going around the earth, when any school child knows the earth goes around the sun and it doesn’t take too many brains to know that.”

To which Wittgenstein replied,

‘Yes, but… I wonder what it would have looked like if the sun had been going around the earth?’

Point being, it would have looked exactly the same.   We see what our knowledge tells us we are seeing and that’s what this series is about – how what you think the Universe (reality) is and how you react to it in everything you do, depends upon what you know about it – what we know today is different from what we knew yesterday – and we were different, too.  And when your knowledge changes, for you, the universe changes”

Now, I like to use ‘real’ and ‘universe’ interchangeably – and I like to learn more – so I can support the ‘real’ things I like in everything I do and find solutions for the ‘realities’ I’m not so fond of – 🙂

A friend and I were once talking about reality – she said,

“The more I learn, the fluid and ever-changing reality becomes – and, at times, it’s rather scary…”

And, yes, it is, but alongside the fear, lies also the hope of a better reality – and to me, as I expand my knowledge, I am better equipped to make my immediate environment a product of me and the realities I’ve embraced – AND to withstand the challenges when in realities I do not embrace – 🙂

What was the line from Robert Fulghum?  Oh yes, (paraphrased, though it’s killing me to not look these up to make sure they are exactly and properly quoted…  LOL – but Da Rules are Da Rules!)

“I guess that what liberation and freedom are all about – to be free of the things we don’t like, so we can be bound by those things we do…”

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10 thoughts on “Real”

  1. No I hope you are pleased to know I don’t think you are crazy or drunk, no slurred words that I have detected……but I do like people who think a little differently…..please have a look at my blog, I love the process of writing and occasionally I write something that makes sense to me….I shall go check out yours as well…..

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    1. Truckin’ through your blog now – so far behind the ‘cyber improvements’ searching to find a way to ‘follow’ so I don’t miss future posts – not asking for the same in return – Just so Ya know – I often go way off the reservation, though pretty sure you’d understand when and why I do – – LOL I frickin’ love the ability to find my community – via cyber space – even though we may be miles and miles apart, on physical land/ocean space – 🙂

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        1. Done! BUT, in my own lil hard-ass way – STILL NOT HAPPY with the PATH the DEVELOPERS at WP have taken in the PAST YEAR! – And will say so – here – in my own space – cuz I can – – LOL – THE USER FRIENDLINESS for the software, unless you spend oodles of time, is, to my mind, obsolete – I’m just supposed to suck it it up and do 3 clicks/journeys to accomplish what I easily did before – sigh – still trying to see my ole fart failings, but, given my job, (as I see it) and my place in the world – HAVE TO Comment – yes, after doing a blind test, both in link and refresh of screen, etc., the lower “follow” with the + in circle icon did show up, temporarily – I admit, I’m security anal, so my own settings, in house, may be messing with the fantabulousness of such things – BUT right now? Just reminded why I haven’t been visiting here, just as much, for some time now – cuz I’m in the ‘out crowd’ – why would I pay for services when I can get my domain name and build a WP based site for free/less? Why do I have to buy into your ever changing paradigms that make no lasting sense to me? On why, on earth, would I switch to the faster, easier posting experience, when I liked the old one, just as it was?!? Yes, been struggling with such realities for over a year now – and posted on my own ‘blog feed’ so if I’m blackballed – I’m hurting no one else but me self – LOL But seriously! Been pissed off over this stuff for over a year now and finally saying it out loud and public!!! Cuz I walk the line, every day, for my rural communities, between ‘those who have interenet connection, skills/those who don’t” AND getting community word out to those who don’t live and die if only they have cyber-connection capability – Me thinks, those youngin’s in charge of morphing changes forget these things – but it’s all good – guess who has stored food to share/not if their plan hits the fan – lol – – I have me own lil agendas! LOL Who says my reality is the right one? BUT, for me, works for now and makes me not so angst ridden, though I cannot help but comment upon…. 🙂

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        2. I think I agree with all that but then I am one of those who adjusts to what works……though a blog friend yesterday found she had lost her ability to post, connect, a whole bunch of terrible things including holding her mouth the right way, for as you know that can make a difference, so when they change I see what is needed to be done to relieve any potential stress of a blog nature and move on…..I’m like that I just want to get on with what I like to do……maybe that’s my self centred self speaking out……but it works for me…..

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        3. You are, my bloggy pal, sharing with the choir, cuz I haven’t updated my ‘blog theme’ for over 4 years or more – found one I like – and speaks to me, and seems to work well – but hate that so many blogs in my ‘Reader List” require i do extra clicks to see to the full post/comment/like – cuz, in the end – to me, such things are just a way to figure out, for the ego, if ‘real people’ or fakers really ‘like us and what we have to say’ (I did warn you about me being a hard arse, right? I take my lumps and admit when I was wrong – so why the heck to I have to work so hard to show support for others, I ask?)

          I love the line from The Newsroom episode, “I’m fighting the good fight – cuz I can” – there are so many wondrous, beautiful things that can take place from cyber world connectivity – and, to my mind, so many things that still echo Jurassaic Park’s quote, “You were so busy thinking about what you COULD do, you never stopped to think if you SHOULD” – LOL

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  2. One of the many things that make life interesting is considering each others version of what reality is. This prompt serves to allow the philosophers to wax lyrical about their views and I love that they do, you do. I get wrapped up in so much thought about this my mind begins to swim in the sheer joy of it. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your Easter in whatever realm of reality you place it….lol….

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    1. Yup – you made your way to a flock to fly with, for a time, as did I, as I viewed your comment! 🙂 I guess, for now, for me, (c’mon! you seem to be okay with ever changing reality! LOL) all I can say in response is,

      “I think our greatest gifts and greatest dangers are in choosing which stories we choose to embrace/repeat/share”

      and which ones we choose to ignore – me thinks your story, just shared here, in my backyard, really highlights the variant stories we all have, that are still, to my mind, rooted in the same root ‘foundations’ –

      cuz, ya know, my “REALITY” is – we all yearn for the same things – we are just taking different routes to get there!” – 🙂

      May you have a a reality of the rebirth of spring – to remember the hope and/or lessons your mama taught you –

      – and may you, too, have a blessed day, tomorrow – full of hope and/or support when you might be feeling not so hopeful or alone –

      cuz you’re never alone – there are always, ALWAYS, others who struggle with the things you do –

      In an age of cyber-insta-communication – well – sometimes – the message gets lost in the chaos – BUT – I DO hope you understand – I , too, struggle with such things myself – I too, take the time to comment upon – and I too – am wishing you happy Easter, Spring, new hope – for this time of year means all those things to me – simultaneously! 🙂 [hugs to you to be held in reserve (if you wish) while you sustain the hardships of the Journey of an every changing Reality – 🙂 :)]


      1. Firstly I loved your comment.
        BUT my reality is this: As I live down under the earth from you good folk, today is Easter Sunday so in a way my reality is your tomorrow…fascinating concept isn’t it….it also means that it is autumn here, well struggling to be autumn, we have cool nights and still have warm days….but that’s the consequence of our climate refusing to behave with the change of seasons or the change as the calendar dictates.
        I agree that we are all seeking the same if not similar things and what makes us so fascinating is the different paths we choose to take.
        Actually I like the notion of an ever changing reality…it suggests I have to remain awake to world around me and take whatever measures to keep up with it….so thanks for sharing your thoughts with me…..I hope your reality doesn’t change so much you lose track of just where you are……((hugs back at cha))

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        1. LOL! I live Up Under ( :)) and did posts for clients today to announce Spring, Easter Egg Hunt cancelled due to Snow – So I get it – here, in Colorado, USA – if you don’t like reality, wait 5 minutes, the weather will change – AND, that, for me, is the root reality I was born into/raised to grasp – “Wait, 5 seconds, 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 centuries…IT WILL CHANGE!!!” – And, though I had an Uncle that lived, “down under” – geographically – though I’ve read the Drzzt novels of Dungeons & Dragons “down under” – Though I completely understand yesterday might be for me a tomorrow for someone else, every day – and that if I ever got the courage/moxie/skills to be an astronaut, I too, could time travel – YES! I GET all of that – and no judgements, here, with me!! Only appreciation, cuz you took the time to reach out, type/connect! And now, NOW, I have to MAKE THE TIME to go visit your blog and see what you’re about for the last aeon – cuz, connections, to me mind, is what it’s all about – wisdom, strength, support in face of crisis, etc., – LOL and I do so love connecting with those who don’t think I’m crazy or drunk when I talk of such things – – LOL! 🙂

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