Waiting to be noticed

Says it all – me thinks! 🙂

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

nicks 051“…. and it happens every day,” he said as we stood on the moors watching the miracle of a sunrise. We had watched the sun set too the night before. Two moments of sheer beauty… There is no reason for sunrises and sunsets…. I am not speaking scientifically, though science only gives an explanation; no real reason why the creation of the world should hold such unnecessary beauty…. why the sky should be painted with fire and gold every day, or why mists should shroud the valleys in so much softness, or frost encase the world in crystalline loveliness.

dawn 034These things are natural processes with a scientific basis we can explain. But why so much beauty? Why is the world such a breathtakingly lovely place? Why do we get the miracle of a gilded sky or the softness of summer rain sparkling on the grass?

SE Ilkley 2015 alveley fenny bentley ironbridge (108)

Even stranger… why do we…

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8 thoughts on “Waiting to be noticed”

    1. Sue Vincent never fails to speak to my heart when she shares how she views the world – 🙂 meeting you and her were my very two, first, top reasons for wanting to take a trip across the great blue pond – 🙂

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        1. I had hoped to make the journey of a lifetime this fall – however, just now, tentatively pushing back to fall of 2017 – not closing the door on this year, but too many unknowns still, on getting son to college, etc. – 🙂 I may need to use travel money for textbooks! LOL – we will see how the 76 scholarship applications fair as the results come in – 😀

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        2. I made the journey of a life time in 2000 to Canada.. We travelled coast to coast.. Landing in Toronto, did Niagara Falls, Quebec, Then flew across Canada to Vancouver, and did BC Victoria Island, Banff and Jasper oh and saw the ice glaciers and took a 30 minute helicopter ride over the Rockies mountains .. and then flew back from Calvary 🙂 3 weeks of heaven.. It was our Silver Wedding gift to ourselves 🙂
          I know if you keep manifesting it.. Your trip will happen.

          Love Sue ❤

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