Waving Goodbye to one Dream…

This a.m., the man-child-unit and I hopped in the pick-em-over (truck) and headed out to Mama’s Bear’s – to clear out trash/old stuff –

Since our county had a free dump-off site for Spring Cleaning…

And Mama Bear will be moving from her home of the past nearly 50 years, this summer…

Made sense to take advantage of free dumpster space –

Had no problemo, whatsoever, with loading up the old, rotting, sagging mattresses that had been collecting dust and who-knows-what-else, for decades – as I can’t think of a single project I could use them for –

It was another matter to get rid of my multi-gallon wine jar with caps collection, painstakingly shared, recycled from friends for over 9 years –

See, I had hoped, one day, to make my own beer, mead, root beer, fermented beverages – and why on earth go buy new supplies when I can just save ’em along the way AND do something nice for the landfills?

Sigh – but, as happens when you have an old, spacious space – that you don’t enter every day, I had way more than I could ever fill in a lifetime or use at once, unless I went ‘industrial’ level, and I’m betting regulations wouldn’t let me re-use ’em – LOL

So I loaded up 14 boxes of nice, heavy wine bottles – (I did keep 3 boxes of the smaller bottles – going to make garden solar lights out of them… ย ๐Ÿ™‚

But, silly as it seems –

It felt like saying goodbye to a dream –

Even though I have enough to still do small home batches AND to experiment with different recipes –

I’m not certain if the pang of knowing soon, the home of my childhood will no longer be a place I visit is being re-directed OR if I’m really, just an unredeemable pack-rat at heart –

I’m betting on the pack-rat status being the true one – –



11 thoughts on “Waving Goodbye to one Dream…”

  1. I made my own beer for about five years and enjoyed doing it, but it’s one of those things that can become overwhelming. And it requires stuff and space and time. So I stopped and eventually got rid of all of the stuff I had acquired for those years of homebrew. I hope you have a chance to give it a try at some point.

    My parents just reached the 50th year in their home, where we moved when I was just over a year old. They show no signs of moving. It is their home and will be until they pass away. I wonder how I feel when that happens and the home is sold.

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    1. It is a ‘journey’, to be sure – BUT, for me, home was where ever my family was – and while I have such fond memories of the ‘home place’ – I also know that other needs exist now – AND glad mom won’t be out spending another winter, waiting for neighbor to come plow out the 1/2 mile long lane! ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Yeah. I don’t think I’ll struggle with it much. It’s just a building. And the reality is that events of the last few years have kind of taken the shine off the idea of it being home.

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  2. It must be very strange to know your childhood home will be in another families possession. No wonder you were ‘thinking’. I’m glad you kept part of your dream, never say never.

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  3. Its hard when the family home one grew up in has to be said goodbye too, along with all those things that held so many Dreams once upon a time.. But as you let go, you are allowing the new to come in.. and that is what you are doing right now.. Building anew.. And these are symbols of the past that also are in need of clearing..

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    1. GASP! Not SO!! I refuse to clear me evening wine for something new to come in!! LOL – – Nope, I’m actually doing okay with and have always thought it a good idea for mom to move on to something that gets her closer to more conveniences – AND, I finally pondered enough to realize, my REAL angst was facing the awful truth – I have more ‘recycled/saved’ supplies to ‘do things with’ than I probably have lifetime left to do them in – – LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Haha.. I haven’t made wine now for years.. The best wine we made was some Rhubarb and another was Strawberry.. and a potent Parsnip ๐Ÿ™‚ took the Rhubarb about 2 yrs to clear properly.. But Oh was is worth the wait.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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