I take some comfort in being a Lazy Liker…

The fit has hit the shan, here at BallyBin, as in:

  • Projects planned to be completed with hired help in March/April will most likely morph into June/July time frames
  • My house is one big remodeling, pile of emptied cupboard spaces stacks
  • Graduation & Retirements Loom
  • Move one off to college before mid-June
  • Move another off to retirement and freedom by 1st week of July
  • Find room in outer sheds/house to put 12 plastic crates of craft materials, quilting materials, keepsakes (seriously – I have 708 sq. feet to work with in a house – you minus 200 sq feet or so?  Well, apparently, I need to rethink my ‘yup, let’s save this’, pack rat ways – else, I will be found, partially decomposed under a pile of plastic crates while trying to find the immunization record from 16 years ago (apparently, YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS!  IT HAS TO BE FILED WITH THE STATE POWERS THAT BE – but even the original Doctor’s office who gave the shots has no record on file for it – – at least that’s what the message left for me 3 days after I requested said proof, indicated….
  • Keep up with weeds/grass growing in wonderful spring moisture received, so I don’t have to hack my way through a jungle come June –

In Other Words

I’m screwed….


All of which has sent me back to the philosophy I had nearly 3 decades ago…

“I can fly by the seat of my pants, unless you aren’t trying, too – then?  All bets are off – maybe I will, maybe I won’t…”


Funny, how the lackadaisical manner in which I used to live before I decided to grow up and be responsible serves me better than any of the other ‘plans’ I’ve tried out these past 2 years –

Rest Assured…I’m Not Griping/Blaming…

I’m simply laughing at myself – No matter where you go, there you are and wouldn’t ya know?

Where I was 3 decades ago would have served me better than where ME is at, today – the version of,

“If the system is good/fixed, If I plan, If I think before I do/propose a path – If I get agreement, if I get an okay, If I get a contract pored over by attorney’s – won’t life be golden?”

Nope – I’m going back to the old me – No, my life was still a version of Idiocy, even then – but at least, I had no one to blame, but myself – –

And mistakes were less expensive, too –


Ohhh… Wait… I titled Lazy Liker….

Um, yeah – when I have a moment to breathe, I’m so worn out/down, I’m going through hitting the “Like” button if it’s doable – and little else – just to let you know, I’m still here – I still take joy in reading/viewing your posts/art –

Somedays, seriously, you folks are the only thing that keeps me hopeful for a better morrow –

But so full of frustration and angst, I quite frankly, have allowed my frustration to seep into my comments – so, trying to be good – and kind – and I’m Lazy Liking and only letting it all hang out here – where you had to click and read for awhile before hitting the wall!


I ain’t perfect, but I do try to have some brake mechanisms on my flying pants – somewhere along the line….



14 thoughts on “I take some comfort in being a Lazy Liker…”

  1. I could relate to what you’re going through. We’ve yet to fix the leaking roof in the girl’s room. And with the ongoing legal matter….life is still in chaos. Hang in there, my friend! Talk to you soon. (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。)

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  2. oh dear! I am sure that certificate will turn up right after you give up hope of ever finding it – or the patient graduates college. 🙂 Good luck with the reno and the accompanying chaos – it will pass. You will survive. 🙂

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    1. I like to hold myself out as imperfection – just so no one thinks I’m lying to them OR myself! LOL – Sigh – in so many areas of our complex world, today, I see example after example where we all lie to ourselves – often, with the best intentions, at heart – 🙂 And so, since I’m Good at making fun of myself, figure I might as well be the personage to hold up as an example of How NOT to DO…. LOL – Thanks for your visit, read and very gracious comment! 🙂

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      1. That’s a brave thing to put yourself up as a role model of imperfection. I also agree we do lie to ourselves in different ways as a way I think of deflecting from our realities.
        Have a good weekend.

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        1. You too! And, now that you braved commenting here – can I look forward to your creative art – without a prompt – here soon? Or are you still grinding out your 10,000 hours of achieving master status? (LOL – Been reading Malcom Gladwell’s works – and came across this line before – on how practice makes perfect! 😛 Hope we have ‘chatted’ enough for you to know, I think you have talent – just waiting for you to take the reins and write for yourself! LOL Me Thinks…. You Can Do It!!! (Now, then, just where is that Happy Gilmore clip for “You Can Do It!” ?!? 😀 )

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        2. That’s a good question. I write because I love the process. Every prompt I see I treat as a problem to be solved. That way it’s a challenge and I know who my audience is.
          When I was working I wrote full length plays because I knew who my audience was and I loved the challenge of exercising my creativity and I succeeded, no awards but inside I felt good.
          I am writing things for an on-line site and that’s good too but I’m unsure so often of how what I write will go, I am as they say feeling my way.
          Before blogging I did write a lot for me, the summerstommy name exists from another time.
          I’m not sure I have the staying power now to write the 10,000 words. No academic ambitions these days.
          I write because it’s fun and a few people who read my words get the occasional kick out of it.
          Thank you for the vote of confidence in my abilities.😀😀

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        3. Because we have chatted before, I hope you take this in the supportive vein I mean it – I never wrote on here to an audience – I had, for a couple of years, a mentor, who never wrote a single word for an article until she knew…. A.) The Publication and their expectations B.) The sponsors/advertisers in said Publications and, (funny how this is c…) C.) the Audience for said Publication – and after she shared that Jewel of Wisdom on how to be a writer, I said, “Well…I will just write for fun then – cuz if I think about everything you just said, that took all the fun out of it!!”

          🙂 All I’m saying is, I think you have a gift – I enjoy your writing – I think, the sky is the limit for self-publishing these days, on a modest budget of either time/money or both – AND, I look forward to hearing what you want to say – how you want to say it – Just saying – – because prompts are nice to flex your muscles in new areas – to hone your craft – etc., get in your ‘time’ but, after all – as online world expands – no way to keep up with it all – 🙂 Community Connections – even online – come from being our authentic selves and finding the flock to gather with (online) that enjoy us – even when we are an example of how not to be – – LOL – – At Least, that’s my current theory – will post if something THAT BIG changes!! LOL

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        4. Thank you again.
          It has been suggested to me that I compile my “fairy tales” into some sort of anthology and I have quite a few by now. It’s a matter of motivation for me, I think it’s a good idea then I see something else to try my hand at and away I go on that tangent.
          I have even approached my artistic son to illustrate for me but he is a very busy man and successful in his own way.
          I know I have a talent but I have to know why I would be doing whatever it is I might be doing. It’s my one stumbling block, knowing why. To make money is not a motivation for me. I spent a lot of years working for that purpose. But one never knows what might happen tomorrow.

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        5. Understand, completely!! For moi – I figure for folks who like to read – and folks who haven’t taken out a Small Biz Loan (or paid a visit to the Local Loan Shark…) who spend funds/time crafting their art, well – who cares if it grows over the years? I have not done a single thing to encourage followers at my blog, or get folks to follow me – I just log in, reply to comments, chat away – cuz I ain’t trying to make a gazillion astrobucks in 2.5 seconds – 😀 AND, there is a gift in being slacker (on one hand) and community minded soul (on the other…) – if you truly read, connect, ask, etc., well, for me, that’s what it is really about – finding folks that understand when you’re not at your best – and enjoying when you show up – – and checking in when you’ve gone to quiet, even in lazy liker ways, for too long, just to see if you aren’t decomposing under a pile of collapsed stacks in your house – – LOL In the end, for me, it all comes down to, “I don’t have any desire to be famous – I don’t need to convince folks to buy from me, If I build a better mousetrap then they will show up and it will all take care of itself…” – Sad fact of the matter is… I use essential oil soaked cotton balls to keep mice out and seal holes, instead of building a better mouse trap – LOL
          Listen to me, rambling on – Long week at the end of many long, frustrating weeks – BUT, seriously – YOU Don’t have to be fancy, or graphic perfection or any of that to ‘get er’ done’ – or social media guru (seriously – took video shots yesterday and today for customer on budget and after looking at clips/software capabilities, sent email, “okay – plan D – until budget allows for hiring real videographer and/or pricey equipment – we are going to do this…..” – But I can get away with that where I am – heck – half my neighbors in a 50 mile radius don’t even have reliable or internet service at their home OR don’t have the median income to afford the hardware to look online, even if they did have internet – It’s all about perspectives – 🙂

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        6. Good chatting with ya, Michael! If you ever do put together an anthology – IF I ever take a break from prior projects that are overtaken by the plan’s of others AND get my own website launched! LOL – It has a growing list of Resources for DIY – but for graphic copy – and if you are ready… do check out a free account/the how-to blog at Canva – – plenty of ways to create a unified branding theme – BUT only when you are ready! 🙂
          G’night, mate! 🙂

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