The Hard Way

This spring has been hard – I tried to brush it off, ignore it, pretend to be better than I really am, but it’s been hard –

THERE!  I said it Out Loud!

I Confess!


For a myriad of reasons, for a myriad of converging happenstances – yes, I’m now at the point of holding on and flying by the seat of my pants in order to make it through the next few weeks –

Despite my best plans and actions geared towards Avoiding Precisely This Moment(s) – (this moments?  These moments?   OH! Curse the Gods of English grammar!  🙂 ) I find myself retreating into Que Sera, Sera – and holding on for the ride, and focusing on observing, rather than doing…

Since I’ve now given up the battle, in hopes of ‘winning the war’, as it were, I am going to retire into ‘what will be, will be (which is where I could have rested, to begin with, but Noo….I simply have to do all the Human Drama of planning and scrambling, in order to feel like I had a say in Fate, in the months leading up to Now, beforehand, in order to feel like, perhaps I’m master of me own destiny, doncha know – – is this a Neurotic thing?  Or American thing, I wonder?   🙂 …

Where was I?  Oh Yes…..

I have to share a video from one of my faves – the lyrics, which seem to be regarding lovers (ugh!  LOL!  You didn’t think I changed that much, just yet, did you?  Really?  Well, hope does spring eternal….) the lyrics, actually, speak to my heart, just like they always have – – do you think I’m addicted to ‘the hard way’ – because of my culture, faith, gender, nationality?  Nope –

I agree –

I do it cuz I’m human – and we all have our areas where we make things harder than we needed to –

But, oh, what we learn we we walk the path of the hard way – 🙂




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