Isolated #writephoto Prompt for 06/02/16


“I just Feel so Alone/Vulnerable”

…said an aunt from the densely wooded east in reply to my  enthusiastically shared love of my homeland – open skies, freedom, rolling pastures and brilliant daybreaks/sunsets….

“Why Do you Focus on the Negative?”

…asked a friend, when I faced the prairie skies, alight with the jagged streaks of pure energy that highlighted the roiling cauldron of the churning heavens – and begged me to come inside – where it was safe – instead of standing, tall, shaking my fist and daring the Universe, “Go Ahead!  Do your best!  You can’t make me give up…I won’t give up….”

“When You Think of What the Sun Has Seen during It’s Journey Today…Remember,”

… my father intoned, as we stood in awkward silence – gazing at the same pasture where a short few years ago, I trotted along, eager to be Dad’s Helper,  but now, stood in quiet rebellion while he mused between resolution and resignation…

“Remember Your Roots…”

I whisper to first one son, than the next, as I carry, then shorten my long strides to match toddler steps and finally, stand beside the young man who knows the story of rebellion and what it means, but is mad, just now, anyways…

“You Arrived on the Tail Winds of the Storm …”

…I remember with aching heart –  as I think of my son, who arrived on the calm winds following the raging storm so long ago and slipped away as quiet as the gentle night breezes –  Who visits me  in the quiet solitude of wild and beautiful lands –

“Always New and Never Changing…”

…whispers the voice in my head, when I view Sue’s photo prompt

A photo of a scene and land so far away – One I have never trod upon with either happy or heavy foot …

But my heart recognizes the beauty of it  – In all it’s wonder, complexity, joy, pain, celebration and mourning…

Yes, my heart remembers –


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