In the Still of the Night

I hit the wall – big time – quite a few months ago….

(Think I broke my big, already crooked, nose, too..)

Really! I have been blindly rushing through to-do lists and doing the freak-out-stress-train, so much, lately, I simply forgot to look where I was going – and well, the wall rose up to meet me, hard, with a big, friendly, wave and greeting,

“Here I AM!  What took you so long getting here?

It’ll be OK –

My Mama, always, ALWAYS, send me loves and encouragement to keep on trying –



Hmm.. Pretty - Welcome to Our Place - Where the hell did you come from? How did that work out? No offense, glad you showed up - but seriously, Who are you?



Picture of Poppy


Picture of Daylilly patch

Golden Currant! Looking Good! New - to - the Neighborhood Bartlett Pear? Sorry I didn't realize how cold that second late snow storm was gonna get - hope you make it - We're all Rootin' for you! and All you have to do is rest, put down your roots, settle in - I promise to not pull you out until you make it clear, ya had to take leave of such a lackadaisical homestead....

Transplanted Lilac seedlings! Aren't you beautiful? My, how you've grown into your own this past season of settling in - I just know you are going to go forth and prosper (those minerals and lil tire wall to rather lock in the moisture are rather nice, eh? - Promise - I have stuff set up to be a better neighbor if it gets drought ugly in late late July - but, ya know, I'll take care of others, who need it more - first, cuz, afterall, you do just fine on your own, most years - If I simply leave you to your own devices -

Hold On - 3 Muskateers - You have fought bravely for 2 years, alone on that northeast side, but everyone else ready to kick out their roommates to send you reinforcements! You guys ARE WARRIORS! (Promise, I'll choose strong brothers & Sisters in the Cause to be your roomies!

Yes, moving day scheduled for some, this fall....

Ah, Wild Rose - despite my early, then failed attempts to keep you weed free - you are TROOPERS! Yay! You are my kinda neighbors - welcome to neighborhood! LUB and Sunday, we'll get you weed free and some nice companion neighbors moved in - just cuz, that's how we roll - here - way to hold the line while the general get's her stuff together - :)


Yes, my sons, in the quiet, dappled light of the late afternoon, pre-twilight, when my body aches and my mind races, sometimes scattered, sometimes focused –

Whenever I experience my Work-In-Progress Garden Oasis –

Well, I think of you both – for I cannot commune with the Earth, without thinking of your hardy and beautiful spirits – and giving thanks for being blessed by your presence –

Every breath I take now and forever,  I will always think of you -Whether I can chuff you on the shoulder right now and say, “WTF were you thinking?”  OR whether I can lean over you while you do your own thing, lightly hug your expanding shoulders, kiss the top of your head and say,

“I love you, Child of Grace – I will Never Forget all you have taught me and gave to me – no matter where you are, here or how far you go or how many planes of existence I must traverse, before once more I can look into your eyes -”

In the still of the night, I know I’ll never really need  more than the blessing of the time I was given with each of you – no matter how much or how little that ends up to be – now and forever –

Tonight, as I walked through the place, Mother Nature covered the need – you are both free to fly free – she will watch over me and ease my heart, while giving you cover to go fly free – cuz – ya know – that’s what’s good Mama’s do, right?  🙂

Love you both, so very much,


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