Laughing – (Hurts) – Still Laughing – –

I healed up from knee-overdo just so I could promptly overdo (stretch, displace.., crack…? break!??) some ribs.

(Health, psychology and self-improvement gurus, in my circle – feel free to chime in with your take on why I keep doing such things to myself –  I do read and pay heed  to your advice when I whine –  even though I most likely linger in my self-imposed-delusional world for awhile longer than you see as necessarily necessary… )

Quite a bit of time has passed since the moment in time when I stopped, abruptly, gasped and thought,

“Uh-Oh! Self! this can’t be good…’

…And almost as much time has passed since giving myself the “Post-Uh-Oh/Oops”, pep-talk:

“Ya wimp! Just soft tissue damage! – Simply lighten up for a few days, re-arrange your ‘to-do’ lists and it will heal and be fine! Take it easier, cuz that attic really needs heavier insulation before end-o-July hits…)

I confess – I most likely tried to wade full-bore into the Field of “Get ‘er Done” action a tad earlier than I maybe should have after the Uh-Oh moment…

(They don’t call it “Balls to the Wall” just cuz it sounds cool, doncha ya know… only fools or desperate folks do such things, over and over to themselves, on purpose – 🙂 )

For last two days, I’ve been laying rather low, spending time on To-Do  tasks that require more mind than muscle or range of motion activities – when I get ambitious and eager to return to old habits, sharp stabs of pain drive home the point…

“Mission Accomplished On Jacking-Yourself-Up-But-Good!

Whoo-Woot! High Five!”

OUCH! (insert string of not-nice-words) Wait a minute….Let me catch my breath….

(Okay, New Plan! No High-Fives, for just a tad longer – catch me on the flip side, we’ll celebrate as soon as I’m healed up to do so…properly!)

THIS is NOT, quite, what was on  MY Envisioned “Get ‘Er Done”  list…

Ain’t I just efficient and productive in accomplishing things I hadn’t even planned, on purpose, to do?!?

(Yeah, Yeah, I can see the rolling eyes, and hear the tsk-tsk sighing from all the way over here –

Fine!  No gold star stickers for my latest extra credit homework assignment no one required I do…

Que sera, sera- If I don’t kill myself from stupidity, maybe someday I’ll learn better and quit entertaining you all with my silly escapades… 🙂  

Today, after long day in front of computer, accomplished while holding much better ramrod-straight posture than I probably have consistently practiced for ages – (if ever, other than the afternoon I tried wearing my grandma’s early 20th century corset…)

(AUGGHH!  How did women live like that?!?  EVERY DAY?!?!  How did they ever get anything done while breathing at the same time!?!? )

… Yes, late afternoon, I finally gave up – with not all hoped for crossed off  Ye Olde To-Do-List’ of light duty items…

Quite simply I couldn’t be a “Human Doing” in any shape, form or fashion, for another minute longer – no learning, no reading, researching, planning, hefting, exerting – no sorting, cleaning, organizing, to-do lists  –

NO! Anything! More!

And enjoyed a nice movie, fell asleep thinking how wonderful humans can be, and am now awake, cuz I managed to wake myself up (ya think I stretched or tried breathing deeply while sleeping?  Who knows….)

For Weeks (or has it been Months?) Now…

My brain has been saying,

“AUCK!  NO MORE ugly/ugly portions of humankind history to remember well, lest I forget!  No more learny/learny of new stuff to move forward into brave new horizons! Just break out the coloring book and crayons, you’ll feel better….Honest!”

My body has been muttering with ever increasing volume,

“Yup, I double-dawg dare ya to keep pushing me this way –  just wait and see how much I can make you pay…” (insert evil laugh)

My spirit has quietly begged,

“PUHLEASE!  STOP! STOP DOING!  Ya Lovable-But-Ludicrous-Nitwit!”

And so, as all three were feeling abused and ignored, they chose to combine forces  to stage an intervention for me –

And since I stopped to muse upon which unknown committee member I HAD been listening to, all these weeks, I was willing to sit still and listen to their messages delivered through unexpected channels –

Unlike the Proverbial Village Mob carrying Torches and Pitchforks…

…My committee members tend to deliver unexpected gifts, when getting ready to burn me at the stake for my blatant heresy against all that is right and good in their world –

“Awesome! A Kevin Kline & Joan Cusack film, circa 1997 has been added to boob-tube offerings for free viewing!  That’ll be good, surely!” – chortled my mind as I  managed to surf the light-hearted offerings available via remote while not stretching myself outside pain-free comfort zone to peruse the fine print of description….

(how this ‘lil miracle came about when everyone who is alive and kickin’ knows the DNA strand responsible for competent remote control & ‘surfing the options’ is not contained within my inherited repertoire of talents…)

IT hurts to Laugh, but what else can I do, for this is too good too wait to watch the rest later!?!”, cried my ribs in both complaint and enjoyment….

“Are you paying attention?” whispered my spirit, as I simply got caught up in the 1997 movie titled “In and Out”, a more recent twist on the benefits of age old lessons we all should have down pat, by now…

Compassion, Empathy & Community…

(even when you must be reminded to practice the virtues upon yourself and your own committee members hold ya hostage until ya do….)

I chose the  Dance Scene clip to share with you – …

For, in one way or another, we all long to dance – in our own fashion –

For a multitude of reasons, we (as a species) often forget to do the sacred dance of Life, fully – with every cell in our being … and we destroy ourselves and/or others, through forgetfulness of what’s really important

I was gifted the experience of dancing around my living room, with Kevin Kline, even while laid up in pain –

THIS, right here, to my mind, is The Gift of Creative Folks  –  through their Art, they transport the rest of us to the worlds we wish to live in, even when surrounding reality tells us,

“Dancing, right now, is Impossible and not Recommended”

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