Caulking of Bathtub – 5 Year Update

In the original Caulking for Beginners post in late June of 2011, I mused over whether the 5 year guarantee for the brand of caulk I chose and my desire to have thin, neat lines of caulking (instead of blobs…) might actually play out –

Well, the 5-year question has been answered – and after this, no further updates, as the place has been sold and this weekend, I took the last photos.

I’m very pleased with the performance of the caulk I chose and even more silly-excited that my first attempt to do the-all-by-me-lonesome job has held up so well.

Here’s the pics, taken on July 2, 2016:

Bathroom caulking
Long run at back of tub
Bathroom caulking
Corner edge where I got little heavy handed in application –
Bathroom caulking
Other corner that went smoother
Bathroom caulking
Closer shot of end wrap around

Since Caulking for Beginners is my most perennial popular post – thought it only right to post the 5 year update with current pictures.

So go ahead, take a deep breath, read, gather your tools, fix a pot of coffee for leisure/pondering breaks during the project and relax – you can do it!

Oh, and Gloves – Don’t forget the gloves… unless you want to wait for it to wear off the fingers you used to smooth the line and make it look purdy…



6 thoughts on “Caulking of Bathtub – 5 Year Update”

    1. Sure, will trade ya caulking duties for a cot w/blankie in the garden shed/greenhouse, and a forgiving eye when I eat peas off the vine, while I’m weeding the ‘food plot’ while visiting ya – LOL – – BUUTT, ya should know – had to move the ‘cross the Blue Pond trip out – conservatively – to August 2018 – hoping for fall of 2017 – still too many unknowns in the air, to know for sure – so if you have badly damaged caulking that may cause leaking into infrastructure/mold, before then, go buy your plastic gloves and Get ‘er done – I trust you can, even if you don’t really want to do such things – – LOL

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      1. Haha… 🙂 Not too many Peas left for the picking this year TamrahJo, so I will make sure there is plenty planted for 17/18 🙂 haha… I like fresh from the pod too and can often be found munching away.. The caulking I could do.. BUT when you have a Hubby who keeps saying he will get it done.. LOL..
        I did once upon a time lay a lino floor in the bathroom.. And was real pround.. It only took me the whole of one day, a lot of tears and swearing.. But I did it.. and that had been waiting a few months with rolled up flooring waiting.. I did it because some one told me I would never manage it.. 🙂 I am not a Taurus for nothing.. 🙂 lol 😉 haha

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