Achievement! I Guess….

I logged in tonight, just to try to catch up on some reading – saw my 3 posts, with the nagging, bolded DRAFT status – yes, they are waiting for the re-sized/optimized pics for insertion, before hitting the shiny, PUBLISH button – weeded from the 400+ pics sitting in the “to optimize” folder –  sigh – –

But, wouldn’t ya know – the Holy Grail sits in my upper menu bar – all shiny gold and s**t – and I think –

“Hmmm… Holy Grail image?  On my WP Admin Bar?  Oh Crappola!  The World really IS coming to an end!”

But, it’s not the Holy Grail – maybe, a trophy?

Apparently, the icon announces an “Achievement”

6 years ago, today – (the notification announces…) I got my free WordPress blog –

I disagree – I know when I did and apparently, somewhere along the line, some older posts got dropped – cuz I was blogging well before my retreat to the Abbey in 2010 – perhaps cuz I haven’t signed up for an upgraded account – Or data migrations didn’t go just as planned Or, perhaps, my earlier works were on the WP sites of collaborative effort team members…that could be it – and I’m just doing revisionist history –

Humans do that, quite naturally, doncha know –

All I know, is, back then, on this date,

I stilled lived in the town above the clouds, surrounded by mountains and evergreens and aspens….

I could see Pikes Peak outside my window every day as I wrote and worked – I lived in a townhouse and struggled with various container garden plans while frowning over all the wide open areas of manicured lawns that COULD provide gardening space, but a no-no –

I chafed against all the room we didn’t really need – (seriously!  My DIY equipment was mostly relegated to the garage, while un-needed space just became handy place for male-units to drop dirty clothes and still walk on carpet from here to where they wanted to go….)

I was trying to recover from 3 major disasters and heading towards 6 others I would have never guessed, at the time, were fast approaching- –

(traveling at the speed of light, doncha know….I’ve tried to learn better – but, don’t hold your breath – I’m human, thus….

Ya can take the bull out of the china shop – but the bull usually can find their way back home… 🙂  )

Ahhh… The memories –

That single, teeny-tiny, lil gold icon and message brought forth….tonight – –

I think about all that has happened & how I’ve changed/evolved, since then – since that first sign-up/start –

(um, yeah, my outdated theme, pic hasn’t changed – just yet – I am easing up on actually doing it – Queen Research has stopped, Ms. Pondering and Mr. Fermenting, and “Let’s take our time and enjoy the process – what’s the hurry” committee members still dragging their feet – 🙂

Note this – ya ever want something done in a timely fashion, Do Not, under any circumstances, allow a committee to be in charge of it – my little gift of wisdom for you – 🙂

The dust has settled

…somewhat, here – from the frenzy of this past year of life-markers, new adventures embarked upon by those dear to me and big projects.

…Still have details hanging out, here and there – to declare some project finalized, complete and do the victory dance, and house rather in some dis-order, but near as bad as two months ago (thank the heavens!  I’ve nearly lost my mind the last 6 months – there is a reason so many marriages end and contractors die over remodels – it’s all related to piles, mess and chaos that wears one’s spirit away, daily, minute by minute – – – 🙂  I now, better understand how the news headlines and stat reports displayed on counselor sites come about….

Order slowly being restored, bit by bit – but now, that I’m the only one that has to live with the chaos left to ‘organize’….so, I figure, “What’s the rush?  Let’s take it slow and do it right – ”

(well, yes, Oakely lives with it, too, but she’s low maintenance – and, when I ask, “Shall we do the dishes/organize the kitchen/cut and place drywall… OR   shall we dance, take a walk, play hide and seek or keep away (yes, she doesn’t do ‘Fetch’ – why would she?  She’s a Border Collie not a Labrador!  C’mon now!  what were we thinking?!?…  LOL ) 

Everyday, I’m reminded of what a well matched pair of roommates we are – we know how to work and do our jobs…on the other hand, we also know when it’s time to dance through life – –


I promised myself, back in 2008 (after about 6 years of thinking about it) and made the firm commitment in 2010 –

I will create a life I don’t need a vacation from – or a keg of beer, and/or Roman-export-transport-sized flask of wine to numb myself for….

…and, though not easy, with the events of the past decade,  I move ever closer to my goal – yes, I still get stressed, but not as much and I’m learning better.

My pendulum did swing a little too far after the stroke –

(humans do wide swing pendulums, often – if you don’t believe me, just look at this election year….Yes, you can always count on us to not get it Goldilocks Just Right the very first time)

…and was rather on my way to being a hermit – But that little over correction is slowly being brought closer to the a mid-way – – at least for now – unless all the rest of you go bat shit crazy over the election/world events, then, I’ll over-correct, yet again and hide again – – 🙂

Moderation in all things, ya know – –

So, here’s to you – both old and new bloggy pals –

Whether you knew me 6 years ago, or just found me 6 days ago (cuz you, too, thought you could do a caulking job without wearing gloves and are now wanting to know how to get it off your hands….LOL)  –

Hope You Know, I appreciate our community, here – and thanks for whatever time we walk beside each other in cyberworld  –

Here’s to another 6 years of dancing through life – even when it doesn’t feel like we or anyone, is ACTUALLY dancing:)

Lookee there – 1,000 word count, exactly – 🙂

3 thoughts on “Achievement! I Guess….”

  1. Congratulations upon your 6 holy years 🙂 lol.. and somewhere amid those 6 we met.. 🙂 and how far we have come along those miles and roads, thoughts and inspirations, work and hard sweat and tears..
    Sending Love to you my friend Sue

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Although, the holy path doesn’t always feel that way, while walking it, does it? – More like holey (as in ‘step over this deep hole, we’re not sure how deep it actually is….”) LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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