Days Go By…

What Can I Tell You?

I’m in mop up operations – catching up on personal goals put on hold last spring – cuz some things just more important, ‘to-do’ and my personal to-do list just moved from back burner to front and center recently –


I have scads of Pictures….

I have dropped right back into taking a slew of pictures to capture the moment, instead of being professional and saving time/SD card space by only snapping the perfect shot – so sue me   LOL- 🙂

On To Do List

  1. ..Resize/optimize and share with you the beauty of the Colorado Plains in June/July – of the wheat harvest delayed by rain not expected until official August monsoon (July harvests were delayed, cuz Mother Nature had fun…)
  2. Post re: what makes our nation great – even when we snarl like feral dogs online over election-year-ideals –
  3. How community is the glue that sticks us together, even when we are working to find steps to move forward to a more even playing field for all community members –  –
  4. A house still in need of organization and I haven’t mopped my kitchen floor in 2 months ( WHAT?!  I don’t have small child units that eat off it – the dog, who might lick it, is responsible for dragging in the outdoor material that now litters the floor – and, presumably, already licked the ground outside and lived to tell the tale – WHAT?  I Ask You!  WHAT?!?  LOL …

(Seriously, you thought I could do the first 3 listed items AND clean my house so well I might endanger the life of my dog? All at the same time?  Are ya kiddin?   LOL)

I’m currently Livin’ off cheese and crackers –

Cuz I don’t have time to cook – just now –  do throw in deep bone broth, raw milk and some properly prepared jerky, just to get my good fats/protein quotas in –

I’m heartily disappointed in the social media and the laize faire attitude and taking my hits for trying to nail down, “Is You Is, or Is you Ain’t?” in online world – cuz not always readily apparent, to my mind – and if you expect me to like, love, share your take, which in my mind, is an “Ain’t” – well – we will have some difficulties to discuss at the time/place of your choosing….

Our country was founded upon compromise – which, today, is a dirty word – – Compromise is somehow determined to be a weakness – not sure when that happened – but, there ya go – – 🙂

Founding Fathers (yes, they were all white, male, rich guys – but still, we shouldn’t ignore them, just because our current icons in the category don’t live up to their work/dreams of better…right?… OhhhKay….Maybe not….)

“Maybe this committee can’t get ‘er ALL done, today, but someday, with this foundation – we and our country can work ever towards a better morrow based upon these principals….”

Beauty, Always, Shows Up to Guide the Way….

Had a great conversation at a family BBQ I was, quite frankly, invited to, as 3rd wheel interloper – one who spent the evening saying, “I’m not related to anyone here – I’m a friend, of the mother, of the son, who is dating your beloved (daughter, niece, grand-daughter, etc.-:) )

Being me, I did venture to ask two Aunties from the St. Paul, MN neck of our country woods, the following:

“What are your thoughts on the challenges  your community faced this past year/season?”

Usually a safe question – anymore, there are always challenges to be met – and you know me – want to hear all the various perspectives – – 🙂

Turns out, they think very much like I do – they remember their childhood, recent history and what they know now – and are sad they celebrated an ‘improvement’ that caused so much harm to others in their community, but they didn’t know it was causing long-term harm, at the time –

And let me tell ya – Janet has the crystal voice of a Lark and willingly led me to join in the sing-along of Sound of Music hits – 🙂

Seriously!  I yodeled my way through the Lonely Goatherd and wasn’t made fun of, not once – 🙂

What a spectacular evening, it was…. 🙂

(Although, Auntie Janet and I did get in trouble, before it was all over – apparently acoustics and my off-key singing being what they were, we were keeping a very young, over-tired, young one awake – down the hall – my apologies – I’ll just listen – and not add to the noise – – 🙂

There will always be the fertile ground…

…for disagreements regarding past, voter popular items – and, at this point, think my new motto is,

“Well, check with me in 20 years, I’ll let you know if I support or not…”

…there are many in our nation shouting loud and proud because they have exhausted every single way of being heard and taken seriously – they’ve done the ‘proper channels’, to effect change – to no effect –

And before you fly off handle and say, “Not Heard?  Not Important!  We are a Democracy!” I will confess –

IF I view one more landowner who is watering the air/evaporative rate at noon in the dog days of summer, I swear, I’m gonna lose it!   Even quicker to lose it when they pooh-pooh my place, and counsel, if only I would water, things wouldn’t look so wilted – bet they wouldn’t feel the same way if I was using up their drinking water quota for the day, to irrigate my Palace of Versailles type lawn/garden – eh?

Democracy – America – She ain’t easy, eh?

Yes – Relying on aspirations, idealism and art forms to convey my thinking on this matter – cuz having a hard time finding what I want represented in rather pure, real-life form,  just now – so personally okay with depending upon the idealism of Art being the lighthouse  that illuminates the path to possibilities – – 🙂

Here in my locale?  Well – the same-same-ole playing out – – -Different topic, same game – –

  • There are those who believe the tax revenues from legalizing the sale of marijuana within town limits will be our saving grace – we will have the funds to shore up crumbling infrastructure – FINALLY!
  • There are those who have put their home up for sale, (given the increasing home sale values- what do they have to lose? Are we racing pell mell towards another crash?  Cuz recent adversisements remind me, oh so much, of marketing run in 2004 or so- – ) Yes, there are those who believe legalization of sales will be our wrack and ruin – -And thus, via either greed or rats fleeing a sinking ship status, are taking to abandoning ship – but feel compelled to wax eloquent about what our town is considering – even though they chose to not live here anymore –

(Yes, I have certain hard-arsed feelings about this – if you left – if you moved, if you took your chance to ‘better’ your lot, well, as far as I’m concerned, “Thanks for your feedback – but, since you are decided you no longer wanted to be a daily participant in our community well…talk to my/the Hand.”

Can’t help myself – I think I’m fairly tolerant, but, overall, I’m still of mindset –

“You gonna dig in, and stand to meet the challenges? Stand beside the rest of the community when decisions go all to hell?  Pony up to work and find solutions?  Well, okay – go ahead…

But if you bugged out to save your own skin, pursue your own wants – while benefiting from the plusses given to you by this community,  while no longer actively being a part of the solution community – well… to my mind…

  • You have the right to complain -BUT, also,
  •  I have the right to ignore you while I instead spend time on what CAN be done – here and now – 🙂
  • And if you ain’t here/living it – well, your take is second priority –

Why do i say this?

Cuz, I’m still doing research on the interesting web of Facebook culture – 🙂

And, quite frankly, much like those before me who choose to research such things, I’m so amazed and shocked by the results, I can’t tear my eyes away – –

So, figure, my job, that I signed up for, is to comment upon such things – –

Sadly, recent forays have not gone well, in these areas (actually, every area, actually…I must face it, and might as well be honest…)

  • Attempts to remind those who are spending hoped for tax revenue before ever it is collected do not want to be reminded that to preserve our quaint existence may mean collected funds first put towards infrastructure and services just to ‘hold the tolerable’ line – and could cost more than collected  –
  • Attempts to caution those who say, “Prices are good, now, and why wouldn’t I sell, now and move just out of the town limit?  Good for me and mine, won’t live in town/pay taxes if THEY are going to do PASS THAT!!!….”, have, thus far, gone unheeded OR, soundly ridiculed/dismissed, because, I might, after all, be on the dark side (‘they’ are still trying to decide if I’m a demon or not…) – –
  • I’ve been encouraged to start my own Mary Jane Farm – to earn money, so I can provide affordable websites/content management services – doesn’t matter that I’m currently running about $70-90/hour below the front range average for such things – LOL –
    • I laugh at such suggestions  of farming for profit – biggest gamblers on the earth are those who earn their living from farming –
    • 2 years into legalization and folks think a good profit margin to jump into market?    It MAY have been vastly profitable when it was illegal, if you were willing to risk – Now?  Nope – LOL:)
    • Not complaining NOR do I need to charge more for my services – I know what I’m doing and what I’m working towards – for me, my community – and, if you disagree, one question, “do you know what you’re working for?”

And so – I recently took a short road trip, to sooth my nerves and talk myself down off the ledge of  contentious year – If I remember, I’ll post to let you know how it all turned out – 🙂


Our most basic common link, is still, to my mind:

  • We all breathe the same air
  • We all cherish our children’s future
  • We are all mortal

And so – conclusion, for now:

  • You may be of my country, or not –
  • You may be of my culture or not –
  • You may be of my race or not
  • You may be of my gender or not
  • You may be of my religion or not
  • You may think me the devil’s handmaiden, or not –
  • And in the end – you and me breathing the same air –
  • You and me, still care for our loved ones
  • You and me still yearn to spend our days working on the things that matter –

You, if you’re smart and like me, hate to go shopping – – LOL

As you have, surely, by now,  guessed…

I’m Still trying to walk the path between:

  • Personal Experience and Accepted Status quo
  • Current Mores and the Lessons of History
  • Joy and Sorrow –
  • Angst and Hope

It’s Rarely easy to Be Me –

That’s okay – I’ve healed enough, I voluntarily signed up for being a target, for saying such things, out loud and online, once again –

Sigh – how much things change and how much they remain the same – –


This post dedicated to all the Americans that are flumoxed by current news –

… to my bloggy pals in other countries that wonder what the Average American is thinking, just now….

…Oh…wait…  scratch the last bit – – I’m becoming more and more convinced, I am not qualified to represent ‘average’ – BUT – have fun digesting this lil window into the soul of another – 🙂



3 thoughts on “Days Go By…”

  1. Dear friend, I am not surprised by your post and outpourings.. The world of political races is both sides of the pond and I have disengaged from most of the bantering being done..
    I am getting to the point if I had not purchased a new Pc I would not I think be here at all right now.. As I feel less and less inclined to engage within this madness right now..
    Sending thoughts your way Tamrahjo.. Love and warm hugs xxx ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Sue – ya know me – willing to walk the path of grace and kindness – until about the 5th time I’ve tried to point out, “um…yeah…I know that sounds good – – but you realize that approach failed in…(540 B.C., then again 895 A.D., 1306, 1758, 1883, 1923, etc., etc., etc…where is that etc., clip from the original King and I movie?!? LOL My mom LOVED Yul Brenner! 🙂 And so, every now and then, I don’t hit the ‘save draft’ button – I just throw caution to the wind and hit “publish’ – typos, mess, incoherent thoughts and all – so far – it seems to be working – for it is either ignored, or commented upon – and I find others who feel much as I do, to be online buds with! 🙂 And someday visit – – and walk their beautiful garden – and say, “whaddya think about (such and such) and know, a kind discussion, even with differing views, will ensue – and I’ll LEARN something – a new perspective, way to look at things, etc., or be treated with kindness when I say, “I really do dream of a world where that is possible, but ya know, few more pieces of infrastructure need to be put in place before we demand everyone think happy/positive thoughts with current reality and ignore the steps we could take, right now, to bring the end result to fruition – – ‘fruition’ – LOL – still working on getting perennial, border, fruit trees in ground/infrastructure done – guess ‘fruit’ on me mind – – LOL (just for you, cuz know you’ll forgive me for being silly! 🙂 )

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 🙂 nothing to forgive.. Love silly.. Too many serious folks in the world anyways..
        I like to Dream ONE Day we may all get on.. but know that dream is probably in Never Never Land.. But you know me 🙂 I’m a tryer 🙂 and I haven’t got my spell checker with me today I am on the wrong browser 🙂 So you will have to over look my mistakes and Grammar… They are not priority on my List either xxx
        (( Hugs )) and I do love our catch ups even if its been months.. I love ya.. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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