It’s Scary to take the Step –

…But – There are so many ways to hold those who are dependent upon you and your promises hostage – by denying financial freedom – by denying you a viable choice to go with another option –

Seriously?  Between leaving a bad situation where me and the kids were low on priority list (pretty life important), to taking care of customers who couldn’t even get their own domain name/website wrested away from their first hired website provider (um, yeah, holding someone hostage is, in my game, bad juju – no matter what the forum – –

There will always be  those personages  who want to hold on tight, reap the benefits of what is given, but do/take whatever they want – and, was shock to me to learn of the late date quoted in this article, regarding when police  required to file a report for a Domestic Violence/suspected DV call –

In Colorado, in 1991 – when call came in – report WAS done – even if it only comprised he said/she said items and someone was not staying in the home that evening – even if they were counseled to go stay with a friend – so even with, what I thought I knew, I realized, there are areas in our great nation still in need of  huge updating – 🙂

Kudos to you, Raisin ‘Em Real – for having the courage and fortitude to plan and do what you knew you needed to – and thanks for having the courage to share, so other’s (like me) understand, “I had this option, but others, DON’T” – 🙂  And to share, so those who have no experience with this nightmare understand, “It’s not all fun and games….)

Congrats on your education and the hard road you walked, to rebuild your life – 🙂


Here’s a link to the full story….

via WMBF In Myrtle Beach Did a Wonderful Job With My Story — Raisin Em Real

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