As I Sit, Writing…

The sounds of the storm, rolling across the prairie, came to my ears while I clicked away at keyboard – –

And I learned, later, the gentle pattering of moisture, here, meant more fearful things, for others – not more than 60 miles away –

And while, I wrote tonight on specific perspectives of mine, the pattering of rain reminds me….

In the end….

The sound of falling rain reminds me of all the challenges we all meet – sometimes together, sometimes, via paths greatly divided.

I am grateful for the gentle reminder sent to me, tonight –

While, somewhere, there sat a Farmer, who sighed, as moisture arrived to delay the harvest, for one more day –

There were folks who dealt with hail, instead of rain –


Yes, for me, it really is, all in the perspective –

But tonight – for me – for now –

It’s good to be reminded of why I love my homeland …

5 thoughts on “As I Sit, Writing…”

  1. Hi there dear Tamrahjo.. Yes the rain means different things for different reasons… Today its raining here. . Hence you have found me in the reader and I caught one of your post Ye ha 🙂 Love John Denver 🙂

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    1. If you aren’t familiar with, or haven’t heard before – here is the song that encapsulates my wishes for my son’s from the moment they were born, strength to walk Life’s Rocky Path, and though I love in Colorado – it speaks to me of what is important – for those who love wide open skies – and remember where they came from (community, Earth….) – 🙂

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