Fall in the Air

Yesterday was a struggle – took me until 4pm to check in with me own body and think, “Barometric pressure change?  Okay, I know what to do for that…”

Out came the ironing board,

(Gasp! NO! not to actually IRON something, silly, I use it to clip my red lamps to, for my ‘therapy’ – 🙂 )

and I dutifully returned to the routine that has previously served me well, routine interrupted by Life last February, and which, I vowed to ‘get back to’, sometime in May, I believe, – here it is, August, and the internal warning bells have reached a fever pitch of, “Better do something, soon…, if you wish to keep ‘doing/being’ ”

I went to bed at a decent hour the past two nights, even prepared my percolator last night – all I had to do was turn on the induction plate this a.m., set the timer, turn on my lamps and walla!

Treatment for day done, just as my coffee is ready.

Life is good.

Working through the emails that hit after I retreated, yesterday, I realized…

Something feels different this a.m…

With coffee cup in hand I slip on my trusty sandals – (*%^! goat-head stickers infiltrated my place last summer and I haven’t yet eradicated them all) – I step outside, resplendent in my Victorian length, Eeyore, “I don’t DO mornings” emblazoned, nightshirt and trousers, to see what is going on.

Yup, fall is definitely on it’s way….

Has, perhaps, actually arrived.

It had whispered to me of it’s imminent arrival nearly 3 weeks ago – how, I cannot explain to you – I was simply out, in the early morning.

(I like early morning, just as I like late night, too. And am easily lured, either way.)

Clear sky kissed with gray greeted me, gray not of clouds, or mist, rather, that particular shade of gray that lasts but a moment as the dark of night flees from the onslaught of first one, than many rays of light.

“Fall is coming.  Better start re-arranging the priorities list.”

I observed the thought form in my mind, then raced down the usual pathways,

– Should I let the plants struggle some?  Or give them a morning supportive drink?

– How many mornings in a row, have I exercised my particular brand of loving?

– Am I helping them, in long run, or risking the addition of a few more planticides to my long list of sins…

– When did it last rain?

– wait a minute – it’s going to be hot today!  Look at that sky!

– Why did that FIRST thought form in my mind?!?

Why do I think Fall is coming and I’d better hurry?

– Is the ancient clock hardwired in my DNA keeping track of the hours of light/dark?

– Did one of my elderly neighbors fire up their wood stove overnight, to ease the aching bones in the blessed cool of the night?

Nope..no woodsmoke in the air – not even the slightly different fragrance carried by Brother Wind to bring news of wildfires raging a mile or state(s) away…

Well, yes, dire predictions of a ‘hard winter’ have invaded my world via a variety of online/in person sources, recently  – I added my two cents in observing the local insect community seemed bent on moving into better digs earlier this year, compared to last year – but don’t think that’s why – I do attempt to think for myself – –

I stood still, that quiet morning, so long ago, and worked my way through the list of options available to me –

Left to my own devices, without interruption, the above dialogue takes my brain WAAY less time, than it takes for you to read it, even you speed readers –

I’ve practiced, honed, this crazy skill, over a lifetime… 🙂

Still learning what easy pathways are sometimes old roads in need of abandonment, or which have morphed into paved paths leading me straight to some, new, Hell – 🙂

(Yes, technically, the above inner dialogue took place only a few weeks ago, but I’ve been cramming a lot into each day, for some time now, thus, it feels long ago…time travel at it’s most productive, if you will… 🙂 )

And so, I returned to my desk, after a walk through my struggling, work-in-progress, Garden-Oasis, and made a few notes to write and share, later, along with one picture of those snapped, today, as a sneak peak for the 0816 Garden Journal Blog that, Lord willin’ and the Creek don’t rise, shall be posted shortly after this one  –

rescued sedum
Newly planted sedum for the native/dry garden area. Rescued from sale rack in early August – 🙂

For now, It’s back to work, for me, in Cyber-land,

…where dreams are built and new paths of bliss found…

…where other dreams fail to turn out as planned, or are, justly or not, destroyed by the ignorant, righteous, greedy or cruel, driving one or more souls scurrying back to the drawing board, once again…

…where the 2.5 second world demands those interested in real information must wade through the distractions in order to get to the gems…before they disappear to time or mis-management, or collapse under the hardships they can no longer endure…

…where friends and relationships form, and those who wear a mask slip and can’t help but reveal their true intentions – and are either rallied around or voted-off-the-island…

All come together –  the good, the bad, the ugly – the invaders, the greedy, the hungry, the quiet struggling, who hold on for one more day, in hope, those who ventured or landed, perhaps not by their own free will, into a strange new land, that has promise, but missing so much of what they knew before –

Funny, how much cyber-land resembles my garden  – 🙂

Happy Wednesday – 🙂

P.S.  Yes, this is my new way of blogging – login, make the note, re-visit during the day when I’m waiting for something, or taking a break, or need the comfort of stringing words together, to make sense of my mind and my world – here and there, sooner or later, it will all get done – and, thus, a lifetime later, I click on Publish 🙂


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