Status Report from Bally Bin

The plan of blogging each Sunday, has not yet happened … sigh….

A few more things moved from “To-Do” to “Completed” lists… Yay!

New ones added to list – but more along lines of, “If I live long enough, would like to know more about….” type items. 🙂

Self-Care routines taking up plenty of time each day, as I waited rather late to remember to eat properly, sleep enough, etc., the last few months, and as usual – the mounting issues snowballed until my entire being said, “ENOUGH! DO Something, ANYTHING!  Right Now!”

Okey-Dokey, then…Oops!  Did too much self-care – think I need to take a nap, and let all my energy go towards heal…hmm?  zzzzz……   🙂

But tonight, I managed to work my way through a day’s worth of posts done by my bloggy buddies – a lot of Likey-Likes were done, some comments, but overall – so pleased when I reached the feed notice of “1d ago” – and could say, “FINALLY!  I Made it through a Day of ….WAIT!  NO!  Don’t Announce “New Post!”  What?!?  3 New Posts?”  Sigh, again…


I’ll never catch up, but tonight feels like small victory, nonetheless – at least from my ‘lil better today, than yesterday’ viewpoint  🙂


Plumber I finally settled upon to hire (it was tough – ya know, my Dad was a durned fine plumber, so I’m rather picky…) arrived today – just about got the job completely done, to remove 50-60? year galvanized steel runs here and there, get drains on proper level (I do think the plumbing was done more carelessly than the electrical wiring in the 40’s was done – oh, wait, I haven’t fully told you this winter/spring/summer’s electrical rewiring job, have I?)

Tonight, I have water to the bathroom, not the kitchen, but whadda I care?  Been doing my dishes in dishpans in the bathtub for months now – 🙂

(Which is one of many reasons my diet has been primarily raw veggies, beef jerky, cheese and crackers for so long – less dishes/pans to wash while kneeling by the river….I mean…bathtub….)  🙂

Won’t cook for myself, but doncha know, when Oakley was showing signs of Matron Status – didn’t I just bust out the 6 & 8 quart crockpots to start doing a never ending simmering deep-bone broth routine for base of home-made dog food – and the subsequent research, double-checking of info, dish/pan/crock washing, etc….

Figured out how-to both feed her well (no green beans), and pull some out of the broth, to prepare for my “like spice/veggies/seasonings in mine that will kill you” (I’m not a fan of green beans, either, every meal) and we are both recovering from the cliff of “Oops!  Ya haven’t been eating right, right?” we were both teetering on – due to not paying attention (me) and advancing age (her).


Cool nights are followed by warm days – and still waiting for hard frost, so I can do splitting, separating, transplanting, new plantings for spring bounty once we are rather assured they won’t get false start and take off, just in  time to get hit by the first blizzard of the year –

Deep watered last Sunday – will probably do another on Thursday, if forecast holds – just so I don’t risk ruining equipment or plants in the ground, when I attempt winter watering and forget to start early enough in day OR unhook hose from hydrant – 🙂

Hopefully, this weekend will be THE ONE!

(Been saying that for a good 3 weeks, but air doesn’t feel/or smell right, just yet – 🙂  Not that I can trust myself, you know – figure Mother Nature will give me a kick in the seat of the pants to let me know – I put my request in for such help, in August – I have faith…)

Iris to split, so they all have plenty of room next year – Rhubarb, same, gifted sedum & low growing, deep rooted grass seed to plant in vicinity of fruit tree areas – garlic bulbs (3 varieties) to plant here and there among the wild roses – sigh – – I’m tired now, just thinking about all that has to be done, Saturday a.m. – 🙂

New Part-Time Job

Returned to Library part-time, this go-round as a full, official Librarian (yup, that’s what my name lanyard says…so it must be true, right?)

Learning curve on so many things has been steep – cuz we are a small branch, small staffed and the boss is wonderful and has put together a team full of folks with diverse skills, experience, education, talents – so between us all, we usually have it covered – but, sigh, I drew tech support operations – and….ugh!

We all know I work to make free, low/no-cost options and/or existing software  jump through hoops to streamline daily operations – BUT – hardware?   Networks?  Troubleshooting?  Windows empire and never-ending updates? –

Are you sure ya hired the right gal?!

But, I’m upbeat, overall,  because we are all expected to come up with programming ideas, and, somehow, the Gardening group and Writers Group were offered as ideas for my attention, ideas… 🙂

Which means I’m full bore into putting together templates, research, resources, for monthly newsletters, flyers, talking to patrons to find out what they hope for from the monthly meet-up – etc., and doing my usual thing,

  • “Oh, do you know (so and so)?  I just bet they could help you with that!” or
  • “Are you familiar with this book?  I think some of the ideas in it might answer your need..”  or,
  • “Start off with no cost/low cost, if you’re exploring and see how it goes.  You can always throw money at it later – and if you find out, not your thing?  Well, at least you’re just out your dreaming time – ain’t ya glad ya got that out of your system, affordably?”

So, dear bloggy buddies, especially you gardeners and writers, self-publishers, connectors – you may start seeing some email follows, or brand new blogs that are a private/not published yet – starting to follow you – just a heads up – 🙂

Because, I like them, in person, and would love for them to discover you 🙂

Plus, I like showing my diverse local crowd, what a diverse group can be found here – 🙂


Although today/week was a ‘boots hit the ground! then start running…” feel to it –

You have eased my soul tonight – I wish you a Happy Monday and wonderful week ahead.


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