Writers of The Plains

Well, howdy, community – Yes, I went MIA again. No, nothing is wrong…

Below is a link to the library newsletter on just one of the projects I’ve been working on in my local community – a local Writing Group!

So far, we have 2 poets, 2 journalists, 2 freelance magazine articles writers, one tech writer and 2 educators/classic & antique book preservers – 🙂  Ages of interested folks range from 17 to 76.

Some with publishing credits, others with none – some with a drawer full of rejection letters, others with agents – some wingin’ it on their own, other’s posting their works for free use with attribution – 🙂

I can’t wait for our first, official meet-up – and who knows?

Can you say self-published anthology of the anatomy of an eccentric & diverse group?   LOL

Here’s the first broad scoped newsletter I put together with resources/ideas – notice how I displayed various links for these fine folks to find their way to you – – 🙂

Writer’s of the Plains November Newsletter

TGIF and may your weekend be grand.  If you’re in the States, may you survive next Tuesday.



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