2016 – Goodbye

I confess – I was 12 when Princess Di got married – and I cried when I learned she was dead.

I once, long ago, did a “I’m a Fan” post for Elizabeth Taylor – even though I’m usually out of the loop by 6 months to a decade or more on such things…

Suffice to say, this year, we’ve lost a host of artists, creatives and larger than life folks.

Those who influenced us at key times, individually and those who made the world sit up and take notice – –

And so, instead of once more editing-before-publishing my end-of-year-what-did-I-learn-in-2016 styled post – I’m going to share some of my faves of Carrie Fisher – I have the DVD, backed up digital copies of Star Wars and When Harry Met Sally…need to replace The Man with One Red Shoe.

There are many who remember her mom, Debbie, fondly – and still others who will roast me for not having The Blues Brother’s DVD in my arsenal 🙂

BUT, to me?  She’ll always be not only Sally’s best friend, but also, a Princess from long ago, in a galaxy far away.
May the Force Be With You, Carrie – Walking Carpets and all…

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