Stories And How to Tell ‘Em

Okay, for all those who have grand dreams of being a traveling troubadour and came here for tips….

Move on, probably nothing for you to see here, that will help you one iota in your quest –

I know, cuz though my family tends to like my writing here and there, they all agree, I can’t tell a story, orally, well, to save my life – – 🙂

Then again, perhaps it will help you reach your Holy Grail – cuz no matter how we humans grow and evolve, there are just some things that are deep-hardwired into our lil human DNA …

We are Storytellers

We tell stories morning, noon and night.

Even while asleep, our stories keep us entertained in our dreams – we work through all the stress of the day, try out different scenarios to existing, potential or feared problems.

We log deeper into the memory banks what we learned/experienced today – all while our grey matter tell us stories, while we sleep…

We go Insane, Eventually, if Deprived of Sleep-Storytime

We each have a tolerance for just how long we can be away from nighttime story-time, but we each have our limit, too…

We Teach the Next Generation & Preserve the Lessons of the Past – Through Stories

Yup, I fully remember why not a good idea for human-body health, to run when it’s bitter cold, simply cuz my dad told me in my childhood, that at one time, in the military, it was a court-martial offense to run while stationed in the Arctic –

I told the story to my sons, and they knew not to do such things, too – though we’ve never lived in either of the world’s arctic regions –

Ya never know when certain knowledge will come in handy….

On the other hand, I also once read what rubbing goat urine on your elbow would heal – keeping that one in the wings, to try when every, other, REMOTELY POSSIBLE story, doesn’t work….

Tell Me a Story – I won’t Forget…

I may not remember your name, but I’ll remember your face, and remember last time I saw you, you were (struggling with this, celebrating that, or looking forward to such-and-such) – I might get some of the details wrong, but I’ll remember what was HUGELY important to you, just then –

  • Unless you were whining and saying, “Yes, but….” a million times to a bevy of other possible options/stories-
  • Unless you shut down any possible other story than the one you are invested in…

Then?  I figure you are either just a drama major caught in the wrong life (In which case,  I’ll try to help you get your round-peg arse into the round-hole life you haven’t yet found – that I will…. 🙂

Or – I figure when you get tired of your current story, you might remember the other options offered and/or come back for some tweaking of the story you want to write now.

So why am I writing about Stories?

…instead of sitting down to finish all the ones I have waiting for edit/publication?

This Theme has Been Flying Hot & Heavy onto my radar, recently…..

Bottom line – in a million different ways, every day, if you are struggling with something, or feeling a failure over something, or wanting to learn something – well, find a different story to tell yourself.

If things look really bad, all around you, you are welcome to borrow my fave for such times:

I only have to hold on for a little longer – Yellowstone super caldera will surely blow sometime this millennium…it’s overdue, ya know….

It’s been my experience that humans (me included) sometimes get trapped by the stories we tell –

I do it, you do it, we all do it at some point –

This is where your ‘circle’ (be it friends, family, spiritual community or the stranger on the street) step up to point out where you just might not be telling yourself the best story you could – and any one with any moxie and compassion will offer you a different one to try on for size – –

You always have the freedom to say, “Not my color – not my style” whatever, if you don’t like the alternate version they served up for ya –

(Beware the control-freaks who think you should just do what they say – they have a vested interest in you doing so – and that’s the story they are stuck in, which you may decide you want to help them out with, or you may just say, “Thank You for the lovely casserole, let me put it on the table…” Then set it at the back, don’t put in a serving spoon, and throw it away after they leave…  🙂  )

Yes, If you are stuck in a story you don’t like…

Call the creative, writing/artistic soul you know and put up with –

Promise, if they love you, they can come up with about 1,000,000 better stories than you are currently tellin’ yourself and seriously, one of ’em is bound to make you lighten up, laugh or see things from a different perspective –

And some of them, may just show you how terrific, you really are –

On the other hand, sometimes you just need someone that says, “THAT SUCKS!  Whose arse are we gonna go kick?”

There is a story for every need you have  – truly, by the time they get geared up to go kick some arse, you’ll be so amused, you’ll seriously wonder why you were at road-rage point over the whole thing, to begin with…

Plus, there’s probably another crate of wine or other such beverage stashed around their place, somewhere…. Artistic souls usually have supplies laying around the place to make sure they don’t completely disappear into the world of their own making…Vices keep them grounded to this plane – that’s my current story on this phenomena that repeats throughout history…

True friends & community are there to serve you the stories that lure you back from the edge of your own cliff – – 🙂

I Unofficially Dub April “Tell A Better Story” Month –

Tell it to yourself, tell it to those in your circle who are struggling, tell it for a laugh – tell the most outrageous one you can think of, just for the heck of it…

Make up the most outlandish thing ya can to explain why things are as they are – anyone can do “Sin”, “Politics”, “Full Moon” – Get creative will ya?

I personally like stretching my skills by wending in an alien or two, a love scene and sometimes Big Foot- ya know Sci-Fi , Romance & Biology are not my strong points….:) 

Bend the laws of physics –

And promptly tell all the Sheldon’s of the world that it’s your story and you’ll tell it how you want – and you don’t have to follow the known laws of the Universe! You can travel at the speed of light without falling completely apart.

True story – been doing it for weeks now…

(I over did on some re-implemented self-care thingees – my body & mind are saying go-go-go – meanwhile, my soul is whining,

“But what about enjoying the journey?  You two are just rushing me through this whole experience, ya know….can we slow down for un momento?”

It is, after all, my story – and I’ll tell it like I want to….

Now!  Go Tell Some Stories!

There is always another perspective, another possibility to look at….

  • Sometimes, we all need to hold onto a story until we get tired of it or it no longer serves us as well as it once did
  • Sometimes, we adopt a new story to tell ourselves, albeit, one…slow…re-written/edited… sentence at a time
  • Sometimes, the story we told ourselves and others was the EXACT RIGHT one, for just when, and we will be alerted to when it’s time to chuck it and come up with a new one –

When you offer others your outside-looking-in version of the story they are living?

Well – maybe it helps, maybe it doesn’t – but at least you provided another with some entertaining options to choose from – 🙂

The Idealist vs. The Realist

Video – This is a series part of me taking me new theme and formats out for a test-drive – 🙂

Here’s an ‘inside view’ of my thought processes (Quick!  Save the children!)

And yes, the Idealist usually wins, and gives the Realist in me a chance to say, moments or years later, “I told you so…”  🙂

Quotes – Masonobu Fukuoka

Quote – Part in series of putting updated theme/options for test drive – 🙂

Sowing Seeds in The Desert Bookcover

Gradually I came to realize that the process of saving the desert of the human heart and revegetating the actual desert is actually the same thing. Masonobu Fukuoka

In the end, it will require some courage and perhaps a leap of faith for people to abandon what they think they know. Masonobu Fukuoka

Dunbar’s Theory of 150 Revisited, yet again…

There are so many in my “Reader>Followed Sites” list that have been there for quite some time –

Folks I enjoy whether reading or chatting via comments, exchanging letters, emails, etc.

Though I’ve tried to be vigilant in keeping my ‘followed’ community around 150 or less for some time, (Dunbar’s Number Theory Take 1, Dunbar’s Number Theory Take 2), so many I follow are, or have become, prolific writers, promoters of fellow artists, etc., that I’ve been re-thinking my life choices and goals for online social media stuff for quite some time, now –

I can log in here or FB and find plenty of souls/perspectives I’m invested in maintaining a connection with…even if it takes me awhile to get good at such things…

Seriously, I don’t think anyone is going to pay me for spending the day keeping caught up with the latest/greatest from every soul in my circle, without the implementation of ads I’ll have to keep an eye on and tweak settings to make sure what you’re shown is something I actually use/recommend –

(NOT!  I only have this lifetime, currently, to work with to avoid errors and I can make plenty of my own, without waiting for auto-this & that to make more for me, doncha ya know….)

And, since I ain’t living off the land in a hermitude, without internet access, and I work many hours in local, in-person, customer service of one form or another – yup, time to re-think my goals….

(Yes, I have successfully logged 60+ hour work weeks for months now – forgot to celebrate that post-stroke recovery level achievement – yes, yes, I’m ramping back – I just wanted to prove to myself I could do it, once more…not as well as I once juggled many tasks/projects, BUT, I have regained some stamina, nonetheless…)

Experiments in Re-Fashioning over past year

I have tried, when not able to log-in routinely, to catch up with my faves that I feel a personal, cyber-neighbor type friendship with, all at once –

This usually results in 3-5 souls awaking to a flood of notifications of “Likes/Comments” and several others wondering just why I couldn’t carve out the time for them… perhaps – perhaps not, but that’s how I see it in me own quest for authenticity –

IF!  IF! I say, others think of my presence or lack thereof,  at all, in their busy, busy lives!  I’m not that arrogant, really!

(Old News Flash that I’ve been watching over the past few months, here in American culture  – The term ‘narcissist‘ and all the hoopla over what, exactly,  THAT term entails is becoming ever more a cultural myth here, with such broad examples given as ‘warning flags’ to watch out for/ protect yourself from – sigh, apparently, I may just be a narcissist – though I didn’t think I was….

You should know, I don’t intend to be so, but in all honesty, I might just be one – you do remember my love of ferreting out me own blind spots, right?  How to Recognize & Avoid Narcissists is the  latest craze to hit here, that has intruded upon my radar in a variety of forums and interactions…

I like to think this trend is riding on the coat-tails of the ever-popular, “You are awesome and center of the Universe, no matter what anyone tells ya; if someone brings a flaw to your attention, they are just jealous of you or a negative person who lives a sad, sad life….” movement that was born out of the Self-Help movement that strove to meet, initially, very real social ills and needs – from some decades back –

-On the other hand, perhaps the Universe is trying to give me a clue….

-Or perhaps, I just need to hang out and observe for another 30-40 years…

Who knows?

My Long-Time Bloggy Pals Suffer Me Kindly –

I follow some bloggers who have stayed the course & really grown in popularity over the years since I first arrived upon WP shores  –

Why, don’t you know, I remember you back from when you first started, or was introduced to me by another bloggy pal – or was kind enough to visit my place here in cyber land, so I could meet you…

And Nostalgia Sets In

I look back fondly to the time when I could keep up with my  reader full of nothing but those I followed (I STILL don’t read “Freshly Pressed” feed, unless I accidentally clicky-clicked too quickly or have a FFMSD (Fat Finger Mistakes Syndrome Day).

My only defense for such shenanigans is…

“Obviously, I have good taste…look how many in my community are growing in talent, skills and appreciative followers who comment on their talents?

…and, more importantly,  haven’t I learned enough to stop myself before adding yet more folks I won’t keep up with, regularly, to my “Follow List”?

It’s all in the small, incremental adjustments we all tend to make, here and there… sometimes we guess right, sometimes we do not … 🙂

On the Other Hand….

I have a deep mistrust of online, sorting algorithms on any social media site – Yes, online world, it’s never ending updates / improvements, coupled with some of the ‘marketing’ advice I see repeated over and over, continually transports me to yet a new level of cynicism …

I’ve come full circle, many a time, to the ideas expressed in the long-ago published work, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”  by Dale Carnegie.

It is full of sage advice on human nature and a cadre of choices for  inauthentic behaviors (dependent upon how it is applied and with what motivations….)

I revisit in my mind this work, which I consider, simultaneously, to be a great sociological work AND the entire reason why the Selfie movement took off and a trend that is touted as an item on the Top 10 lists of  both

‘Narcissistic Warning Signs’


‘Effective Marketing Strategies’

that simultaneously flood search search engine results to the uninitiated searcher, who wants to learn the value of the Selfie –

I’m still sitting on the either/or, both/and fence on this particular, broad, generalized, topic….

Until further clarity arrives

I confess to still being stuck in the stubborn mindset of-

If I have time to spend learning online social media algorithms to use to my advantage, or figure out how to manipulate human nature,  I’d much rather spend that time on reading/chatting/connecting with those in my circle who make a profound difference in my life, thank you very much…

Maybe they read, maybe they don’t, but if I want them to know I thought of them today, I’d better tag ’em or read/comment on  their stuff, so they actually see my warm wishes in their feed – 🙂

(Please note, I understand, fully, my personal quotes are too long to be considered viable for Click to Re-Tweet Quote tagging – Wait, do I even still have a Twitter account? I used it extensively in 2012 to keep abreast of the Waldo Canyon Fire…have I even logged in since then?  🙂 Are you starting to grasp the enormity of my Social Media Ineptness?)

In the End…

I’m reminded of my pleasant surprise when my brother acknowledged my introvert qualities, even when I’m the Family Mascot for “Chatty Kathy, Social Butterfly, Can talk to total Strangers” status

“Yup, Sis, You’re an Introvert – you’d rather have a deep, meaningful conversation with one person, than a superficial one with every person at the gathering…”

I was pleasantly surprised to know someone else saw me the way I saw myself, and stated my prefs as a trait, not some flaw to be fixed… 🙂

And yes, for those who put up with my inept fumbling around online, I am appreciative of your patience….

As Sunset approaches…happened…is long past…

I struggle with deciding whether to cook supper or fix a plate of crackers, peanut butter and cheese – I’m rather hungry – I may take the time to fix boiled eggs for supper & quick snacks for the week – – or maybe not – –

Funny, I cooked for the dog the last 48 hours (via crockpot/soaking/planning) do you think I thought about such things for moi?  nope!

Cheese, Eggs and Peanut Butter – the Staffs of Life when the garden ain’t yet ready for in-field human grazing – (Haven’t evolved to eating native prairie grasses via grazing, just yet, and dandelions not yet making an appearance….)

? Shall I stay up late to re-pot some plants, or spend some time with them tonight in order to figure out if they can wait on me, for new, roomier, composted digs,  for one more day –

Thank goodness it ain’t Earth Day –

I (unofficially) dub today as

“The Day I Tried to Catch-Up with my WordPress community – and failed – again…”

Thanks for being kind while I read, commented, liked and tried to ‘catch up with you” –

And, given my…now…let me see…how long has it been?

22 month Social Media/Copywriting/Real Marketing for dweebs journey?….

I, through sheer stubbornness or wisdom, as you see fit, am rather sticking to my ways, for now –

Perhaps it’s just my preference for giving focus to what I love and the beauty I wish to promote, as it shows up on my radar –

Never mind there are so many things beautiful things showing up online, each day, I can’t keep up with it all – in personal touch way…

I hope, someday, in the time/space continuum, to be shown whether this tendency is my shining glory or my deep-set flaw –

Until then….

I sure enjoyed spending time with my WP Community today!

Thank You!!

Updated Blog Theme

Before I mosey on over to the Digital Cyber cafe to catch up with all you, I’m going to take my new digs/options, here, out for a spin; however, I am going to pre-schedule some items, just so I don’t flood you all and drive ya crazy!  🙂

Drivers! Start your engines….3…..2…..1….GO!

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