Letters Home

I’ve written a thousand blogs, posts and letters in my mind over the past year.   Some actually got written AND published, many more, did not.

I’ve been heavy in the land of ‘doing/living’ rather than the ‘observing/reporting’ world…. No…that isn’t exactly true – Truth is?  I’m recovered enough to be all gung-ho on the ‘doing/living’ portion of Life and not so hot on the ‘reporting in/touching base’ segment I rather languished in when my body couldn’t cash the checks my mind was writing – –

While a song can’t encapsulate the fullness of Life, here in Colorado and my lil’ community, and since I’m worn out from the doing to have zero reserves to pen a parody that fits in with original song score –

Let it be known I move ever forward, inch by inch, towards long term goals and dreams –

I am on track for personal goals and infrastructure, but spending much more time in research/experimentation/infrastructure building than in writing –

IF I’m blessed enough to live long enough, some day, you too, shall see the how-toing results – until then?

I miss you – as soon as customers ready to take over their own Facebook pages, sure bet I’ll be here more often than not – as soon as others see you, as I do, then I shall have fewer things to do on this end – 🙂

Until then – well, say a little prayer or give a positive intention I don’t kill myself trying to do it all – – LOL

Post Inspired by Forester Sisters, “Letter Home” –


11 thoughts on “Letters Home”

  1. I’m too busy trying to keep up with everything outside of blogging to do much of it. “Overwhelmed” doesn’t come close… I do hope one day to get back into the swing of it though. Hope you do, too. 🙂

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    1. If nothing else, good notes for future creative non-fiction works… recently learned this is a “genre”. Funny, I thought I just had to write and change names to protect the innocent and beat the lawyers of the guilty. Lol. Know u will understand the complex layers of above statement.

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