Christmas On Daylight Savings

When you celebrate Christmas whenever you have time to do the “some assembly required’ gifts.

Ya didn’t know there was such a thing, did ya?

Suffice to say I had my once a month-external-health-care help yesterday (massage therapy) – came home sore, and not feeling to up to do anything other than whippin’ out updates on websites while sittin’ on my butt and feelin’ sorry for myself for lettin’ myself get so out-a-whack – wrote some content, hooked up some links to cross reference for visitors at customer’s site, explained the SSL, Privacy Policy, Accessibility changes to contact forms weren’t a big deal, just moving ever forward to best practices, etc., etc. –

I’ve now reached the point, I can do such things while half-dead – I have to be really, really sick before I think, “I can’t even turn the sucker (computer) on – – ”

It wasn’t always so – I’m an ever moving work-in-progress and HATE folks who assure me ‘it’ll be fine, just do it’ without having first tried it on for themselves – thus, this year has been deep research on such things – and putting somethings off, till I felt reasonably sure, “not a risk, foundation to build on, know how to do fairly efficiently- -”

Though I tell ya, the first few were anything but easy, for moi – I plan for the worst and hope for the best, in other words, I’m the epitome of the ole Pogo cartoon caption, “We’ve met the enemy, They is Us.”


After retiring for the evening, late, (especially-late, given I knew durn well I’d lose an hour just by going to bed before 2am), I awoke this morning, looked over the to-do list and thought,

“Ya know?  That’s the shortest it’s been in quite some time – Did I forget something?  Hmmm…maybe time to get the kitchen side of house organized for upcoming season – the supplies for garden/permaculture seed starting are starting to pile up ….. and these three other transformations better suited to time when I can ask for help and not be on Emergency After/Weekend Hours time-clock, just in case they don’t go as planned.”

Which is why I didn’t log into website management portal till late in the day NOR did I bust out the batteries or still-in-box power tools from last year’s purchase –

All things in good time – To everything there is a season….. 🙂

Instead, I put together the piece of furniture gifted to me Christmas of 2016 – It’s served as secondary countertop/obstacle course in kitchen for nigh on 3 months now….

After all, today is Sunday, and I’m sure I inspire many to pray for me and my sins….Prayer is good for backup when tackling jobs you’ve put off….

Boxed version of island cart
Yes, this has been sitting right where I pictured it since the day after Christmas, 2016. You pray for me, I know – I rather inspire prayer in folks – –

(Did I mention this is the first time in over a year I felt like I could afford to take a day for just the projects of moi? )

I must note, the Bright Orange sticker advises “Mech Lift” – which I interpreted as “Mechanic Lift” and, since I once knew how to change oil, set points and change out spark plugs, surely I can do this, right?


Unpacking & How-Toing

I will not do a full how-toing at this time, nor review of company, product, tools, etc.  but I’ll proudly share pics, I managed to remember to take – – 🙂

Suffice to say, My Main Tips remain the same:

  1. Inventory the parts as you unpack
  2. Read the Directions
  3. Improve upon the Directions, if you can
  4. Snap Pics
  5. Tell your Fellow DIYer’s how it went and what you’d do different, now that you’ve done it….
  6. P.S. I worked at Gibson’s in the late 80s – once I put together a bicycle for the toy department, guess who got to do all the ‘assembly needed’ projects?!?  Just saying – it comes with practice – but rarely mess up beyond repair, much, unless I use power tools to do – – I don’t know me own power tool strength, as it were….Do by hand, if it shakes/squeaks, find someone with stronger hands, FIRST, then break out the power tools – 🙂

With that said, here are 2 pics – before tools used and after tools used – thinking about it for 3 months can’t replace experience – especially in my case – –


Beginning Tool list
Let’s Do this in an Hour with a Kobalt double-drive (or is it ratchet?) screwdriver and bit kit, with included in furniture box, Hex thingamagiggee…..


Final list of tools used
Sometimes, you can’t find your Kobalt multi-purpose, tile, carpet, grout, razor blade fold up knife (it’s somewhere, probably with gardening supplies…) and you use the steak knife your brother gifted to you (yup, he’s calling upon the Heaven’s as I show ya – See? I am an inspiration to deeper spiritual life) to open boxes- And sometimes, your rubber mallet is out in the shed with gardening tools, and sometimes, you just long for the mini-pliers your Dad bequeathed you …

Okey-Dokey – let’s unpack this thing and inventory the pieces….

Oh, wait, before we do that – ya ought to know how this came to be purchased for me – it goes a long way in explaining why you should never, ever, follow in my footsteps –

  • My Mom just seriously doesn’t understand how I do without a kitchen table
  • I re-arrange second hand side tables/stands to meet eating, sleeping, reading items when she visits
  • I didn’t need a new refrigerator – the existing one is still running, no matter how short and how much I have to bend to get things out of it and yearn for one of those “fridge on top” models – the old one ain’t broke, can’t justify replacing it…just yet
  • I have a peculiar space to fill – that I have made work for me over the years, and through upgrades of infrastructure – and yes, it’s ugly, but it’s functional – –
  • Waiting for me to custom build a solution for the space means mom will have to deal with Ugly to look at AND hear me make gripes about less-than-optimum-functional when anyone other than I and the dog are in the house –  a Public Toast to “All the folks that go around doing their part to urging the rest of us to be pretty AND functional….” and put their money where their mouth is – 🙂  Thank you, Mom –
Existing space
Um, yes, lived like this for quite some years, with modifications here and there
Space to work around what is...
See the lines for rewired outlet for Electrical Stove, existing link for Gas Stove, Existing water line for ice/water serving fridge? None of which I use or plan on using – but yes, if this place is ever put on the market, someone will want these things…..I plan for as much as I can – today….

Then I went page by page through the instructions –

(P.S. I have to tell ya – the northern end of my kitchen was in pretty navigable shape, until I unpacked the island parts and saved styrofoam/cardboard/insulation/padding for future projects – yes, the wealth of surplus spilled over into the living room…)

First half of box unpacked
Unpacking of first half of the box…11 am
Unpacking Part 2
Small items, tools, hardware, etc. – Not pictured – The boxes containing the drawer parts I set over by the washer…Yes, that’s a bottle of Chianti – I made Lasagna twice in the past few months and it’s still got a tablespoon left in it – not sure what to do with it –  Yes, I purify my water – Love the ZenWater 8gallon model – Yes, I purchased Great Value Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother included, just to see how it works – Yes, I’m still using paper towels – one roll lasts me 4 months – Yes, I bought pre-mixed un-vetted ‘cept for company loyalty carrier blend – it’w working out lovely – Yes, those metal spray bottles hold various Essential Oil Cleaning and Self Care solutions – Blue – Kitchen Cleaner – Red – latest concoction in hopes to do something about my scraggly hair – Not pictured – Hot Pink – Holds skin nourishing, bug repelling, indoor freshening from rain/mud for the dog, Oakley girl….   whew!  Who knew a counter needed so much explanation?  Yes, that Joy dish soap bottle is recycled and holding my own formula, which is still in need of tweaking – too much rinsing needed – but, no one has gotten food poisoning, so it kills the germs, just need less oil or something – haven’t broken a single thing, yet, but yes, slippery lil suckers – – 🙂

By the way, the north end of my kitchen was much cleaner before I unpacked one lil box –

Page 1 of directions through completion:

Chaos before completion
Sigh – Work in progress – I know…
Page 1 of instructions
Foundation, castors and middle console, done
Top Installed
Install the doors before screwing down the top – Just saying…..They don’t tell ya that in the directions-
Looks like what it’s supposed to – SUCCESS! In hindsight, I would install part S on the left side and back part M, on the right, BEFORE I put in Back Panels F from about 6 steps earlier….but hindsight is 20/20.
Page 3, 4/Drawers
Spent more time putting the drawers together than anything else in the project – other than clean-up of my mess….Psyched myself out on Drawer W and managed to install side panels backwards – um, yeah, I was poopin’ out by then – 3pm


Project Completed - - Sort of...Gotta clean up the mess
No, it’s not gonna sit, blocking the fridge forever – though, apparently, I could have written and instantly sold a book copy, “The Kitchen Island Diet” – but I’m tired and that’s the pic I have, with no book to promote – cuz seriously?  Funny, but who on earth would REALLY pay for such a thing without having buyer’s remorse?  – – 🙂

And, I have all kinds of cardboard for gardening projects, styrofoam for solar cookers, seed starting cubbies (and/or home wall insulation, if I can figure out WHAT kind of styrofoam it is…some good for insulation, others, not so much…) AND a whole basket full of padding stuff I’m not sure what I’ll use for, but right now?  thinking maybe on windows to provide insulation/let in light – if I think of it, I’ll let ya know how that lil experiment turns out –

AND so, yet another day with less done than planned – –

I thought I’d have this done, the extra shelf space built and would be repotting houseplants and gearing up for woodworking activities by 5 or so – suffice to say, I wore out and found solace in double checking what all I could do/should do/might do, before putting my kitchen back in order –

Ya see why I rarely get here to report upon what I’m doin’?

I truly believe my local life could drive a Journalistic, War Correspondent to shake their head and say,

“I’ve seen chaos, but never on the level of this, on purpose, in peacetime…just cuz” 

We all have our gifts – Mine is “How-To – Not-To” Exampling – – 🙂


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