Dry Spring has Sprung

Last fall, I planted garlic bulbs as a snowstorm moved in, hastily added some extra ‘natural, laying within hands reach’ mulch – and went indoors to see what happened next spring.

Despite the dry fall/winter/almost spring – despite the unseasonably warm temps, high winds and fire danger  – despite my pitiful light-weight mulch that is Gone With the Wind and revealing to me my poor job of cleaning up after roof construction/stuccoing projects –

Spring Has Sprung!!

Rhubarb plant, harvested lightly in spring, left to go to seed last year with no fall harvest – mulched by 2 year ago activities and natures blanket.
Rhubarb 2, left alone last year, after getting it’s start away from ‘mama’ the fall before (2015)

Dry (sort of) House Beds

I placed raised beds next to south, and west sides of house.   The Wild Roses hold on and stand firm, all but one replacement I have no clue what happened the year before, but, he looks supple and is mightily trying to keep up with the sisters who got a year head-start on him.

AND!!!   Woot-Woot!   My garlic is coming up!   These beds had same light (p**s-poor mulch on that was gone by December. I planted the front areas last fall with garlic and welsh onion seed.

Thank goodness I caught this fella in action – otherwise, I would’ve had to wait till summer/fall to learn if it was my garlic or the welsh onions coming up – 🙂
West Side bed gets heavy ‘snow plop’ from slope of the roof – so despite the ‘cracked’ upper ground you see – you can also see how many more garlic have chosen to come up on this side, this early – hmmm…garden journal notation time…. 🙂

These beds were installed and planted with the mind of not installing any irrigation – Will more properly mulch, and, given 2 years of experimentation, probably will give some ‘manual watering drinks’ and some more plantings this coming year, and extra composting efforts, for I did prick out 4 of those @$#! bindweed plants stickin’ their heads out this morning –

I’m in middle of taking a permaculture course, and came across info in my ad nauseam link following the idea that bindweed can’t stand the highly fertile ground veggies and food plants love – therefore, I have a expanded plan of attack, this coming year, for the spots on the place that still have too much infestation of that nasty bugger.

As I look around me at the parched area – and observe the hardy prairie grasses that get taller than I like, but have been here way longer than I have, I decide to leave them be in the planted beds this year – yup, I’ll give them a haircut if they start shading out some new arrivals, but at this point?  They are hardy, strong and natives – who am I to say they don’t belong, when they so obviously show up to ‘git ‘er done’ for Mother Nature?

In Other News….

All my customer sites now have SSL installed, continue to work on re-designs for last 4 and tweaking on all for better Accessibility for screen readers as more and more options become available to serve those who use them.

Lots of extra hours at library, covering shifts, doing programs and in light of my (sob!) mentor retiring – but…she’s also moving to New Mexico – so already have a quick road trip planned for next fall – to see her, and on my way down and back – all the ‘bucket list’ items I’ve collected over the years that are along the route to her.

Hope this finds you well – I’m still about scared silly I won’t get things under control soon enough here, to really throw myself into Year 3 Plans for my lil Garden of Eden – but, I’m still holding onto a mustard seed of faith – 🙂

Happy Sunday!  🙂

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