Why YES! I do have ‘baby photos’ to share with you…

On the 19th of this month, I proudly posted pics of the new arrivals in the outdoor nursery.

Five days later, moisture appeared on our doorstep:

Spring Storm – March 24th

My beloved twin pine tree bent and swayed with the wind, while carrying the burden of wet, spring snow on its’ south-side boughs.

The newborn garlic showed its’ moxie, even at this young age:

Garlic in blizzard conditions

Suffice to say that though short, this storm could be classified as a blizzard – at least in my mind – I awoke to roads closed and a 2 hour-delay before driving the slush/snow filled, only one lane plowed, 3 blocks to work – – Yes, I did use the 4WD, just to keep from cutting up the already muddying road…

After a whirl wind weekend trip to have dinner with friend at my favorite mountain steakhouse, I returned home to find all kinds of bloomin’ changes –

What I didn’t think to take pictures of or capture for posterity that afternoon, was:

  • Currents, Chokecherries and Holly greening up
  • Irises in 5 different locations, each about 3″ tall
  • The two feisty, flighty, apparently young male Robins that have arrived and love my place – have yet to see my old friend, Grandfather Robin – hope he survived this winter…
  • The native prairie grasses are showing green and may need short mowed in the next week or two, unless the next storm due to arrive tomorrow, somehow freezes it out.
  • The dead tree and the one in need of trimmin’ scattered wood bounty for garden bed sub-floors and/or wood chip mulching activities.

Yes, spring has arrived and I’m furiously crossing of my list, “winter to do activities” so I can be ready –

Did you notice I actually, FINALLY! Updated my theme and layout – somewhat – 🙂  Been thinking about doing that for a year or more….  Haste makes Waste, doncha ya know.

Happy Spring Equinox – a week late….  🙂

2 thoughts on “Why YES! I do have ‘baby photos’ to share with you…”

  1. Wonderful to see such growth TamrahJo.. and your Rhubarb is looking good.. We kept a bin over ours over Winter and its forced it and we really should cut some.. 🙂 I hope the snow has melted and Spring is Springing.. ❤

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