Stories And How to Tell ‘Em

Okay, for all those who have grand dreams of being a traveling troubadour and came here for tips….

Move on, probably nothing for you to see here, that will help you one iota in your quest –

I know, cuz though my family tends to like my writing here and there, they all agree, I can’t tell a story, orally, well, to save my life – – 🙂

Then again, perhaps it will help you reach your Holy Grail – cuz no matter how we humans grow and evolve, there are just some things that are deep-hardwired into our lil human DNA …

We are Storytellers

We tell stories morning, noon and night.

Even while asleep, our stories keep us entertained in our dreams – we work through all the stress of the day, try out different scenarios to existing, potential or feared problems.

We log deeper into the memory banks what we learned/experienced today – all while our grey matter tell us stories, while we sleep…

We go Insane, Eventually, if Deprived of Sleep-Storytime

We each have a tolerance for just how long we can be away from nighttime story-time, but we each have our limit, too…

We Teach the Next Generation & Preserve the Lessons of the Past – Through Stories

Yup, I fully remember why not a good idea for human-body health, to run when it’s bitter cold, simply cuz my dad told me in my childhood, that at one time, in the military, it was a court-martial offense to run while stationed in the Arctic –

I told the story to my sons, and they knew not to do such things, too – though we’ve never lived in either of the world’s arctic regions –

Ya never know when certain knowledge will come in handy….

On the other hand, I also once read what rubbing goat urine on your elbow would heal – keeping that one in the wings, to try when every, other, REMOTELY POSSIBLE story, doesn’t work….

Tell Me a Story – I won’t Forget…

I may not remember your name, but I’ll remember your face, and remember last time I saw you, you were (struggling with this, celebrating that, or looking forward to such-and-such) – I might get some of the details wrong, but I’ll remember what was HUGELY important to you, just then –

  • Unless you were whining and saying, “Yes, but….” a million times to a bevy of other possible options/stories-
  • Unless you shut down any possible other story than the one you are invested in…

Then?  I figure you are either just a drama major caught in the wrong life (In which case,  I’ll try to help you get your round-peg arse into the round-hole life you haven’t yet found – that I will…. 🙂

Or – I figure when you get tired of your current story, you might remember the other options offered and/or come back for some tweaking of the story you want to write now.

So why am I writing about Stories?

…instead of sitting down to finish all the ones I have waiting for edit/publication?

This Theme has Been Flying Hot & Heavy onto my radar, recently…..

Bottom line – in a million different ways, every day, if you are struggling with something, or feeling a failure over something, or wanting to learn something – well, find a different story to tell yourself.

If things look really bad, all around you, you are welcome to borrow my fave for such times:

I only have to hold on for a little longer – Yellowstone super caldera will surely blow sometime this millennium…it’s overdue, ya know….

It’s been my experience that humans (me included) sometimes get trapped by the stories we tell –

I do it, you do it, we all do it at some point –

This is where your ‘circle’ (be it friends, family, spiritual community or the stranger on the street) step up to point out where you just might not be telling yourself the best story you could – and any one with any moxie and compassion will offer you a different one to try on for size – –

You always have the freedom to say, “Not my color – not my style” whatever, if you don’t like the alternate version they served up for ya –

(Beware the control-freaks who think you should just do what they say – they have a vested interest in you doing so – and that’s the story they are stuck in, which you may decide you want to help them out with, or you may just say, “Thank You for the lovely casserole, let me put it on the table…” Then set it at the back, don’t put in a serving spoon, and throw it away after they leave…  🙂  )

Yes, If you are stuck in a story you don’t like…

Call the creative, writing/artistic soul you know and put up with –

Promise, if they love you, they can come up with about 1,000,000 better stories than you are currently tellin’ yourself and seriously, one of ’em is bound to make you lighten up, laugh or see things from a different perspective –

And some of them, may just show you how terrific, you really are –

On the other hand, sometimes you just need someone that says, “THAT SUCKS!  Whose arse are we gonna go kick?”

There is a story for every need you have  – truly, by the time they get geared up to go kick some arse, you’ll be so amused, you’ll seriously wonder why you were at road-rage point over the whole thing, to begin with…

Plus, there’s probably another crate of wine or other such beverage stashed around their place, somewhere…. Artistic souls usually have supplies laying around the place to make sure they don’t completely disappear into the world of their own making…Vices keep them grounded to this plane – that’s my current story on this phenomena that repeats throughout history…

True friends & community are there to serve you the stories that lure you back from the edge of your own cliff – – 🙂

I Unofficially Dub April “Tell A Better Story” Month –

Tell it to yourself, tell it to those in your circle who are struggling, tell it for a laugh – tell the most outrageous one you can think of, just for the heck of it…

Make up the most outlandish thing ya can to explain why things are as they are – anyone can do “Sin”, “Politics”, “Full Moon” – Get creative will ya?

I personally like stretching my skills by wending in an alien or two, a love scene and sometimes Big Foot- ya know Sci-Fi , Romance & Biology are not my strong points….:) 

Bend the laws of physics –

And promptly tell all the Sheldon’s of the world that it’s your story and you’ll tell it how you want – and you don’t have to follow the known laws of the Universe! You can travel at the speed of light without falling completely apart.

True story – been doing it for weeks now…

(I over did on some re-implemented self-care thingees – my body & mind are saying go-go-go – meanwhile, my soul is whining,

“But what about enjoying the journey?  You two are just rushing me through this whole experience, ya know….can we slow down for un momento?”

It is, after all, my story – and I’ll tell it like I want to….

Now!  Go Tell Some Stories!

There is always another perspective, another possibility to look at….

  • Sometimes, we all need to hold onto a story until we get tired of it or it no longer serves us as well as it once did
  • Sometimes, we adopt a new story to tell ourselves, albeit, one…slow…re-written/edited… sentence at a time
  • Sometimes, the story we told ourselves and others was the EXACT RIGHT one, for just when, and we will be alerted to when it’s time to chuck it and come up with a new one –

When you offer others your outside-looking-in version of the story they are living?

Well – maybe it helps, maybe it doesn’t – but at least you provided another with some entertaining options to choose from – 🙂

5 thoughts on “Stories And How to Tell ‘Em”

  1. Great and you have had a makeover too 🙂 since my last visit TamrahJo
    Loved this
    “Bottom line – in a million different ways, every day, if you are struggling with something, or feeling a failure over something, or wanting to learn something – well, find a different story to tell yourself.”

    Yep… couldn’t have said it any better.. And you know what…
    I love all of your stories xxx
    Sending LOVE … Lots of HUGS.. and now off to the land of Dreams.. xxx
    Love Sue xxxx ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great advice and ‘conversation’ about stories and story telling, and suggestion to make April a “Make a Better Story Month.” Clever!! Since I began to read (4 ish, I was bored to death until then) I’ve read myself to sleep. Now, I go to bed at least 45 minutes early so I can read, savor, learn, fantasize, and be ‘told a story.’ Then I’m up by 5, writing my own stories. It’s my life. No whining – I love it. So my April will be “Tell More Stories Month.” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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