Music That Means Something: Day 2

I wasn’t tagged or asked, but, um, yeah, Sue Vincent, I’m jumping all over this one!   Day 2…. 🙂

The Blizzard – Billy Walker version, is a song I grew up with – I like Billy Walker’s version, best (it’s been done, by many…)

Why is this Music Important to Me?

This song talks of the connection & loyalty between two species –  of a fierce desire to go home, and also, the unwillingness to leave another behind, just to gain what you most ardently wish for.


10 thoughts on “Music That Means Something: Day 2”

    1. That is so odd – I just checked and it is showing up on desktop, but not on my phone – – I chose the youtube version that had the record cover I remember from my youth – maybe I’ll see about using another one – 😦 Sorry – but, on a beautiful spring day (hope you are having one too – oh wait…time diff – HOPE YOU HAD a nice one! LOL… hearing about blizzards is rather just a downer – – 🙂 The Universe Saved Ya! LOL

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      1. Sometimes music does not play in the UK as because of music law licence.. But it normally says that.. This just said video not available..
        Yes yesterday was a scorcher for us.. 22C… like a mid summer day.. very warm for Spring.. A big dip today though its only 12 C.. And thank you well rested up this weekend.. ready for more gardening tomorrow.. Today I caught up with house hold chores.. :-0

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        1. 🙂 I’ve done about an hour of computer work, have a load of laundry in, finishing up One-Straw book, need to finish up a website design, then, straighten my kitchen…then, THEN, perhaps I’ll get out to the grassy knoll (LOL) to map out the potato area – my potatoes ship to me here in 2 weeks, so, once again, right down to the wire – – LOL

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        2. The past few years, we’ve had some of our worst snow storms in late April through end of May – so I no longer clean out nature’s blanket until end of May (my tulips coming up lush and green under a tent of old stalks from last years summer grass and I know BETTER this year, than to pull it up!) so I’ve taken to moving March activities to April – and so on – – on the other hand, 2 years ago, I was still picking cherry tomatoes up till November 4th – 🙂

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