Music That Means Something: Day 3

I wasn’t tagged or asked, but, um, yeah, Sue Vincent, I’m jumping all over this one!   Day 3…. 🙂 (Dear Sue, I have ta do my thing, forgive me for not correctly tagging to Day 2,3, etc…. It’ll be at least a week before I once more get back here -and I’m on a roll – LOL 🙂

The Rose

Bette Midler’s version is not the first version I ever heard, or learned to love – but yes, I do so love.

Full Disclosure* This is the song I performed for Solo & Ensemble competition in 1986 – my high school choir teacher played guitar for me, cuz I wanted the acoustic background, not the full band/karoake version – and was willing to do A Capella, if need be – the simple message of the song speaks it all, to me mind/heart –

BUT, one overworked, underpaid teacher, signed up to play guitar while I sang – just one more example of how teachers in U.S. have been underpaid for a long time, for the dedication they put into their jobs…

Why is this Music Important to Me?

Besides the above storying of when another soul signed up to support me in my stubbornness – well….

I just don’t want to do injustice by explaining what ALL, it means to me – I think this is something we all share and, simultaneously, have our own version of The Story, about…:)

And so…here ya go – stay strong, hold out for spring – you walk not alone…


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