Music That Means Something: Day 4

I wasn’t tagged or asked, but, um, yeah, Sue Vincent, I’m jumping all over this one!   Day 4…. 🙂

You Can’t Stop Love

I became a single mom when I was 21, in spite of the many folks who warned me of the trials ahead…

Yes, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy –

Why This Song is Important to Me

This was the song that I cried to, fell asleep to, cheered myself to, when daily reality of working 2-3 jobs, cleaning the house and spending time with the baby got me to the brink of pondering about my life choices and whether I was good enough to live up them –

I don’t regret a single moment of it – even in my less than stellar moments.  And I’ll bare-knuckle fist fight anyone who wants to diss he that made me a mother –

Cuz he was honest and said, flat out, what he was and wasn’t willing to do – he made me no promises, thus, he didn’t break any nor does he have anything to say “Sorry ’bout that, I changed my mind…” over – 🙂

He was a teacher, a mentor and a friend to me, who never betrayed me or my young heart, even though, my young heart broke when I realized what he had been trying to tell me, all along, and I was too inexperienced to hear.

When the goin’ gets rough, and my body is aching, and my heart is breaking, and I want someone who can discuss history, current events, tell me how to fix the car, or engineer properly my latest, grand, dream –

I listen to this and ask the him from so long ago & the Universe, “When are you gonna come for /us/ now/me?  I’ve waited oh, so long….”

At least in the song, it turns to happy ending in less time than real life..LOL


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