Music That Means Something: Day 5

I wasn’t tagged or asked, but, um, yeah, Sue Vincent, I’m jumping all over this one!   Day 5… Finale!…. 🙂

Okay, so I went through my country childhood & early adulthood – I had thought I could be more well rounded than multi-generational county music – maybe share some different genres, etc., but ya know?

If I have to pick 5, to play, this is what it looks like, as I tried to point out the macroscopic, the microscopic and everything in between – that I see – over my lifetime so far of recognizing gifts and admitting my failings – 🙂

Music is Art – It points out what’s important, what we currently love and also, what we hold onto –

I say we, when I more honestly must say, “I’ –

And so, on This final Day 5, I shall say – you could have said the 365 Day Challenge and I still wouldn’t have been able to narrow it down to a list of all the songs/music that meant something to me – I like concordant music (is concordant even a word?)

All I know is, my soul strings shrink away from discordant, minor keys, or loud, non-harmonizing sounds – Much of 90s rock passed me by, cuz I was unable to latch onto any of it – I couldn’t make out the words of the story the song was trying to tell….

That’s me own reality….and not one I’ve yet given up….)

I did 5 days worth of posts, tonight… 5 days ago for you, by time you see this –

Um…yeah…cuz it’s that important, to me own mind….to post, share, AND tell ya, “I’m still not bloggin’ everyday – “.

Is not honesty the best policy?

Point of Light by Randy Travis


3 thoughts on “Music That Means Something: Day 5”

  1. enchanting, spiritual & heartfelt
    meaningful songs of your past!
    i’m happy to have gotten to listen.
    an inspiration how you’ve remained
    connected & caring of the earth
    and fellow beings 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You and your sharing, here in cyberland, such a part of my journey – and I love how you manage to take me on my Good, Bad and Ludicrous days – 🙂 🙂


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