The world of Easter Miracles

Not to downgrade or try to limit the miracle of 2,000+ years ago, that Christians celebrate, and remember each Easter – but, in the last few hours of my time/space – I’ve seen so many blessings and miracles abound – in the here and now, for so many –

I’ve been accused of muddying the waters over what is deemed a miracle and what is not – sometimes, I refer to Miracles as the Magic or Synchronicity of the Universe –

No matter what I call choose to call such things, on any given day, (that sometimes rubs folks the wrong way) – it all goes back the promise I still believe in –

You’ll get exactly what you need, when you need it the most.

Or, as dryland farmers, say,

It always rains about 2 seconds before it’s too late.

After braving the publication, yet again, of a post written and published when I wasn’t at my best – in fact, some might say I was stark, raving mad – and they might have a point….

(and, apparently, I confused cyber operations, cuz some how, I got a comment referring to lines from another draft post that still sits, awaiting a tad more thinking/editing before I delete or publish – how did that happen?)

But I woke up mere hours later to the sun coming up and  realized, maybe not the best perspective to have shared, on a celebration day –

As I read comments, read your posts, see the Miracle, Magic, Synchronicity of the Universe chugging right along, even though I awoke figuring I might have thrown a monkey wrench into the whole operation-


Your kind comments AND the stories you shared, made such a huge difference to me –

Here, I found stories shared of folks who didn’t say, “What’s in it for me?” but rather, “What can I do to make this right?”

Stories of heartbreak and loss, that somehow, turned out to be a blessing, to someone else –

And always, the back drop of,

Perhaps we can’t truly appreciate the up-times when everything is going according to our lil plan, unless we have wrestled here and there with the pain and sorrow.

Which I and everyone else seems to know, yet sometimes are surprised over, all the same –

All in all, much as I would really prefer NOT to do a re-run of recent history – I’ve come to the conclusion

(after walking my space here on earth, and just appreciating what showed up – I didn’t even pull any bindweed in the problem areas, today )and staging stuff to put in place yet another grand, crazy, let’s-see-if-it-works experiment, after the morrow’s paid work is done –

I realized I had once again traversed over to my dark side of questioning whether, truly, humanity was worth saving? – myself included –

So often, with the best of intentions, we still manage to bang up and trigger hurt points in each other, even when we didn’t mean to –

Or, sometimes do it on purpose, in hopes of clearing the air for some new dynamic to have space to unfold in – – 🙂


After some connection, joy over green things – bonding with Oakley girl and a swap of Easter week stories with those that never fail to lift my spirits – well –

The Miracle, Magic, Synchronicity of the Universe pulled me back from the despair over it all – ANNDDD!

For the first time in weeks, there was good phone connection for my mom in her neck of the woods AND she laughed as I took a chance on calling, instead of emailing, to say Happy Easter, listened and then shared what was going on in my neck of the woods –

Which is miracle #1 –

No good, clear phone service for weeks, now –

Miracle #2 –

She didn’t even scold me, when, (GASP!) on Easter Sunday, to her ladylike ears, I shared my enthusiasm over the recent permaculture class I’ve been going through and asked, in retrospect, with laughter in my voice, “Seriously mom, how smart are we, as a species?   We keep making the same f****ng mistakes – – Oops – sorry….”

Sometimes, your mama just knows that though your mouth slid, somehow, your heart ended up in the right place, afterall – at least for today – – 🙂

Two pictures of what I deem, local miracles, given our less than predictable weather/moisture patterns this past fall/winter:

Rhubarb going gang busters – the irises, not as much as this time last year
The White tulips seem to like the weather so far, and the rabbits don’t seem to like them – waiting to see if any purple ones bloom, to attract Thumper and his friends – 🙂

3 thoughts on “The world of Easter Miracles”

    1. Well, um, yeah – BUT, in my defense, still figuring out how to split out at right time of year, and pack up/mail to ya – I’m still thinking on it – and only 4 plants in right place, not over harvested, while sharing with those who share with me – sigh – ya all just need to move to colorado – ya could run over and get rhubarb and crowns – LOl – but still – thinking on it – be warned, took my cousin from Ohio’s flower bulbs forever to make it to me – she gray taped a Sam Adams beer box that held them – local postmistress was surprised they arrived at all, given blatant disregard of preferred ‘way-to-dos’ – So you are forewarned ….(cuz I just think icing on the cake when shared green things show up in gray-taped beer box – – LOL)

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