Tornados, Blizzards and Such

So, I had scheduled the Rhubarb, Humans and Storm to auto publish – operator error OR I’m once again at mercy of the fates in cyber land –

So, my post from nearly 2 weeks ago, after trying to publish with correct date, was finally just published with wrong date (May 18th)- and too tired to know if my error or not – and don’t care to waste time researching –

Cuz, it’s nothing, here in my locale, to be talking about tornados, rain & floods one day, fire danger the next and then posting about winter storm warnings/snow/freezing temps –

Sometimes, we get all the warnings, in one day, doncha know – 🙂

Which is why I love my moniker as native Coloradoan – cuz, that means we are tough and rather fly by the seat of our pants, right?!?  🙂

Yesterday, after long awaited arrival of local youth entrepreneur that is more in my reduced budget plan for this year than professional help, arrived to tackle the jungle I haven’t even made first pass at –

While I moved vehicles out of the way, informed youngster of possible hazards, courtesy of storm-removed tree parts and displaced rocks in size of 1″ or more in grassy areas via snow removal activities and deteriorating road base in driveway/street level  –

….Um, yeah, the mower was turned off while he listened and then resisted re-start activities – sigh –

My fault and I freely confessed to nixing the whole thing while talking about the project and risk assessment – 🙂  Some walking around the place while things rested, help arrived to start (Dad) etc., we had wonderful conversation – I learned more about where things are at in his world and he learned more about my ole fart perspective –

After windows of beautiful weather, interspersed with snow that threatened/nixed my plans, but the grass here, just LOVES!  4/5ths of the jungle (aka, my corner lot) was whipped into shape by hired help.

After month or more (been working alot – in time twilight zone – heck, for all I know – 2.5 seconds has passed or 1000 years…. )

…with only 6 or so tornado/thunderstorm/winter storm  watches/warnings – etc.

…I figured I better snap some pics for who knows what the morrow will bring?

(As I speak, it’s calendar wise, 2 days later – hourwise, 54 hours later and we’ve had rain, temp drop, snow, turned the wall heater back on, too warm, wind howling, opened the door to see how much snow, and yup, it’s raining….sigh….)

So, once again, I pray to the powers that be – “If works with your Big Plan – can you protect my seedlings, once more?  The Rhubarb, still!, almost ready to harvest – the Irises and Poppies are almost ready to show up – show ’em some love in form of protection, if temps dip again…please?”

And I snapped pics, this past Wednesday, just to prove – the ‘au naturale, dryland bed, continually expanded, and carefully protected & provided for, in everything except irrigation, aggressive weeding and planting in perfect rows (i.e. Lazy Gardening…) did, at that moment, show great promise –

Needed to share, just in case, the Big Plan doesn’t include my lil small loves – – 🙂

Irises amongst the Rhubarb

Not sure if next pic is early stage heirloom purple and white iris, already on place and ‘saved’ from mowing activities, or offspring of burgundy/cream one that showed up via surprise, last fall – space in bed is last year’s surprise burgundy/cream spot – early bud color looks similar to heirloom ones – hopefully, they survive to bloom and I get to know, later, which witch is which!

And, well, the one poppy on the place, in spring of 2013, carefully guarded from cultivation activities, has so many great-great grandchildren showing up this year, I didn’t even bother to count.

(I stopped counting how many poppies last spring around 41  – ya know? What’s the point, now? From one to many and I was satisfied in what I had learned – or thought I had learned –

Sometimes people, plants & animals don’t need you to fix or interfere to help – they just need you to hold the ‘safe space’ for them to reach their full potential in and it will happen on their timeline, not yours….


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